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CALL. 31.10.2018: In Poseidons’ realm XXIV. Contact Zones: Archaeology between Water and Land Coasts


The annual meeting 2019 of DEGUWA e.V. on Underwater Archaeology will be held in cooperation with the Academia Mediterranea Halicarnassensis, the city of Bodrum and Dokuz Eylül University Izmir under the patronage of the president of the Academia Mediterranea Halicarnassensis from April 10 through April 14, 2019 in Bodrum, Turkey.




ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Semih Adıyaman (Academia Mediterranea Halicarnassensis); İbrahim Atalay (Academia Mediterranea Halicarnassensis) ; Reyhan Destan (Academia Mediterranea Halicarnassensis) ; Dilek Ertem (Academia Mediterranea Halicarnassensis) ; Oğuz Hamza (Academia Mediterranea Halicarnassensis) ; Winfried Held (DEGUWA, coordination) ; Özay Kartal (Academia Mediterranea Halicarnassensis) ; Ralph Kunz (DEGUWA) ; Katharina Meyer-Regenhardt (DEGUWA) ; Harun Özdaş (Academia Mediterranea Halicarnassensis, Dokuz Eylül-University,coordination) ; Thomas Reiser (DEGUWA) ; Melek Uslu (Academia Mediterranea Halicarnassensis) ; Filiz Uygun (Academia Mediterranea Halicarnassensis) ; Peter Winterstein (DEGUWA, coordination)



Sea coasts, likewise the shores of lakes and rivers, are transition zones between the elements. Here, harbours were constructed in order to connect the trade routes on water and on land. Yet, there were also many other activities in this contact zones like shipyards, fish farming, the production of marine goods like purple and fish sauce, or the erection of lake dwellings. Shores were secured by structures like bank reinforcements, dams and dykes. Through geological land lift or subsidence, sedimentation and the regulation of watercourses, most of these contact zones have been shifted over the centuries or millennia. Their exploration generally cannot be realised by underwater or land archaeologists alone but requires an interdisciplinary collaboration with physical geography, marine biology or other sciences. Furthermore, the conference welcomes papers on new archaeological research or new methods and techniques in nautical, underwater and limnic archaeology. We kindly invite you to send your application for presentations or posters, giving the title and an abstract of 250 words (incl. two images), to the following email address: Please submit your application until October 31, 2018. All contributions will be published in SKYLLIS, journal for maritime and limnic archaeology and cultural history. Detailed information regarding the academic programme as well as the accompanying events, the locations, accommodation etc. follows during November 2018.

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