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3rd North American Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy: Inscriptions and the Epigraphic Habit - 05-06-07/01/2020, Washington D.C. (WA, USA)




The third North American Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy will be held January 5-7, 2020, in Washington, D.C., under the aegis of the American Society of Greek and Latin Epigraphy (ASGLE), and with support from Georgetown University.




FECHA/DATE/DATA: 05-06-07/01/2020



ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: American Society of Greek and Latin Epigraphy (ASGLE); Georgetown University


INFO: web - 






FRIDAY, 11th of October (Arts Lecture Theatre):

9:30-10:30 Sean Costello (Oxford)

“Anaxagoras on ψυχή: Determining the Relationship Between ψυχή, νοῦς, and σπέρματα”

10:30-11.30 Vivil Valvik Haraldsen (Oslo, Bergen)

“The Complexity of Happiness – on the Function of the City-Soul Analogy in Plato’s Republic”

11.45-12:45 Matt Watton (Toronto)

“Cicero, Plato, and the Immortality of the Soul”

12:45-14:15 Lunch

14:15-15:45 Keynote:

Dorothea Frede (Hamburg)

“The Tripartite Soul in the Timaeus and its Relation to the Body”

15:45-16:45 Dafni Argyri (Geneva)

“Memory’s Relation to the Soul in Alexander of Aphrodisias”

19:30 Conference Dinner

SATURDAY, 12th of October (Edgecliffe Room 104):

09:30-10:30 Robert Roreitner (Berlin, Prague)

“The Impassivity of the Perceptive Soul: an Ancient Quarrel provoked by Aristotle”

10:30-11:30 Daniel Harkin (Oxford)

“Phantastic Content: why a phantasia-based Account of Perceptual Value Content can’t work”

11.45- 13:15 Keynote:

Hendrik Lorenz (Princeton)

“Aristotle on Defining Souls”


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