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APRAB Anniversary International Conference - 19-20-21-22/06/2019, Bayeux (France)





FECHA/DATE/DATA: 19-20-21-22/06/2019


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: L'Auditorium de Bayeux (Bayeux, France)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Cyrille Billard (SRA Normandie); Sylvie Boulud-Gazo (univ. Nantes - APRAB); Guy de Mulder (univ. Gand); Cécile Germain-Vallée (CD 14); Karim Gernigon (SRA Normandie); Emmanuel Ghesquière (Inrap); Régis Issenmann (Eveha - APRAB); Isabelle Kerouanton (Inrap - APRAB); Thibault Lachenal (CNRS - APRAB); Anne Lehoërff (univ. Lille - APRAB); Cyril Marcigny (Inrap); Pierre-Yves Milcent (Univ.Toulouse - APRAB); Claude Mordant (Univ. Dijon - Pr. APRAB); Théophane Nicolas (Inrap - APRAB); Marilou Nordez (univ. Toulouse,APRAB); Brendan O’Connor (APRAB); Rebecca Peake (Inrap - APRAB); Kewin Peche-Quilichini (Inrap - APRAB); Bénédicte Quilliec (Inrap); Ben Roberts (Univ. Durham); Mafalda Roscio (Eveha - APRAB); Marc Talon (SRA Bourgogne-Franche-Comté - APRAB); Antoine Verney (Bayeux museum); Stefan Wirth (univ. Dijon - APRAB)


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Wednesday 19 June

17h : welcome to delegates in the Auditorium.

- 18h30-19h15 : inaugural public lecture "L'Âge du Bronze en France. 20 ans de découvertes (1999-2019)" (Claude Mordant).

-  independent dinner.


Thursday 20 June

- 9h-13h and 14h-18h : conference sessions, Themes 1 and 2.

- 18h30 : opening of a thematic exhibition of recent discoveries of Bronze Age hoards in Normandy in the Musée Baron-Gérard, 37 Rue du Bienvenu ; reception hosted by the city.


Friday 21 June

- 9h-13h and 14h-18h : conference sessions, Themes 3 to 5.

- anniversary soirée in the Salle Saint-Laurent, buffet dinner hosted by APRAB.


Saturday 22 June

- 9h-13h : conference session : Theme 6 and round table on mobility.

- independent lunch.

- afternoon : visit to the Bayeux Tapestry.


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