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CALL. 31.12.2018: Hoarding and deposition in Europe from later prehistory to the medieval period. Finds in context - London (England)









LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: King’s College London (London, England)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Emma Durham; John Pearce; Jenny Hall; Christine McDonnell; Jackie Keily


INFO: web -




The theme of the next Instrumentum Meeting will be hoarding and deposition. Projects on hoards of coins, metalwork and other objects or materials currently being conducted in Britain have looked at both their composition and their locations. Recently excavated hoards also offer the chance to look at little-studied aspects of hoarding as a depositional process, such as the environmental data from pollen and seeds or from materials such as textiles and leather. The conference will also explore other aspects of deposition, including finds in wet contexts and structured deposition, as well as 'stray' or surface finds.


Five multi-period sessions are open:

  • what is a hoard and what is hoarded?

  • hoarding as a depositional process

  • hoards and structured deposits and their setting / topographic context

  • deposition in wet contexts, sacred or profane?

  • recent discoveries of hoards


Papers and posters may be submitted on subjects such as the contents of hoards, analyses of single hoards, where hoards occur, changes in practice over time. While the majority of papers will be 20 minutes long, there will also be the opportunity to present work in progress and shorter contributions in 10 minute slots.


The attached proposal sheet should be returned before 31st December 2018.

The final program, the registration form for the conference and all information relating to the running of the event will be published in February 2019.


We look forward to receiving your proposals.


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