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Hoarding and deposition in Europe from later prehistory to the medieval period. Finds in context - 1


The theme of the next Instrumentum Meeting will be hoarding and deposition. Projects on hoards of coins, metalwork and other objects or materials currently being conducted in Britain have looked at both their composition and their locations. Recently excavated hoards also offer the chance to look at little-studied aspects of hoarding as a depositional process, such as the environmental data from pollen and seeds or from materials such as textiles and leather. The conference will also explore other aspects of deposition, including finds in wet contexts and structured deposition, as well as 'stray' or surface finds.

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 17/04/2019

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: University of Leiden (Leiden, Netherlands)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: İbrahim Okan Akkın; Berivan Vargün; Erman Kaçar; Neşe Şenel

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- Tres días/three days/ tre giorni: £64,55

-Tres días /estudiante)/three days( student)/ tre giorni /studente: £53,89

-Un día/one day/un giorno: £21,91

-Comunicante/speaker/altoparlante: gratis/free/gratuito

There will be a conference dinner at Tas Bloomsbury held on the evening of the 13th June. There will be a conference dinner at Tas Bloomsbury held on the evening of the 13th June.The cost will be £23 per person (plus drinks).

The cost will be £23 per person (plus drinks).


Wednesday 12th June 2019

10.00 Registration

10.30 Welcome

10.45 The Iron Age hoards from Snettisham in context Jody Joy and Julia Farley

11.10 Le Câtillon, Jersey: a hoard like no other Philip de Jersey

11.35 Hoards and/or deposits from the early Roman town on the Magdalensburg in Noricum (Austria) Kordula Gostencnik

12.00 An Iron Age to post-Roman landscape on the Berkshire Downs John Naylor and Anni Byard

12.25 Discussion

12.45 Lunch (and RFG AGM)

2.00 Debunking ritual interpretations of later Bronze Age scrap hoards in England and Wales Rob Wiseman and Ben Roberts

2.25 Contents in context: Late Bronze Age hoards in south-eastern England Sophia Adams

2.50 Grave Goods, hoards and spectrums of depositional practice in later prehistoric Britain Duncan Garrow

3.15 Coffee

3.45 Late Iron Age silver hoards from Dacia Mariana Egri and Aurel Rustoui

4.10 Coin hoards in context Eleanor Ghey and Adrian Chadwick

4.35 Any old iron: Anglo-Saxon iron hoards Kevin Leahy

5.00 Picking and choosing? Selection, retention and ‘value’ in medieval English and Welsh coin hoards, AD c.973–1544 Murray Andrews

5.25 Discussion

6.00 Wine reception

Thursday 13th June 2019

9.30 The ‘Brookfield’ hoard: a new Iron Age hoard from West Yorkshire Rachel Wilkinson

9.55 Between war and religion, the famous ritual hoard from the Gallic sanctuary of Tintignac (Naves, Corrèze, France): weapons, helmets, animals and war-trumpets Christophe Maniquet

10.20 The river swords: Carolingian sword depositions in wet contexts Dušan Maczek

10.45 Coffee

11.15 Secret Rivers: The research behind the exhibition Kate Sumnall

11.40 In its depths what treasure rubbish? Ritual and Rubbish revisited in the Walbrook valley tools Owen Humphreys

12.05 Metal hoards in Roman Dacia – general overview and distinctive tendencies Dorottya Nyulas

12.20 Ritual deposits and hoards in the Sabbia Valley (Brescia, Italy) between the Iron Age and Romanisation Marco Baioni and Elisa Zentilini

12.35 Who are you? A deposit in a Carolingian cremation in La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin (Loiret, France). Gender and cultural identity Amélie Berthon

12.50 Discussion

1.00 Lunch

Afternoon tours

Instrumentum AGM

Conference dinner

Friday 14th June 2019

9.30 PAN and the new hoards register of the Netherlands: numbers, chronological trends and digital techniques Stijn Heeren

9.55 Out-of-time objects: materiality and temporal depth in Bronze Age hoards Matthew Knight

10.20 Complete, completely broken, or only half there? Depositional practices observed on tools and weapons at a middle Iron Age to early Roman period settlement at Brixworth, Northamptonshire Jörn Schuster

10.45 Coffee

11.15 The Gloucester Hoard Penny Coombe

11.40 Antoninus of Aquileia and the Vinkovci treasure of late Roman silver plate Richard Hobbs

12.05 The Echt and Lienden hoards: new windows on Romano-Frankish interaction in the fifth century in northern Gaul Stijn Heeren

12.30 The Drapers’ Gardens well in context James Gerrard

12.50 Structured deposition as demonstrated by lead tanks in the late fourth century Maxime Ratcliffe

1.00 Lunch

2.00 Everything, everywhere matters to everybody. Relational depositions during the early Bronze Age in the River Rhine landscape Sabrina N. Autenrieth

2.25 Bridge over troubled water? Ritual or rubbish in Roman rivers Hella Eckardt and Philippa Walton

2.50 Wood artefacts in context of wells from Ratiatum (Rezé, Loire-Atlantique, France) and western Gaul Isabelle Bertrand

3.15 Coffee

3.45 The sword in the stream: finds of medieval weaponry from the Thames in the London area John Clark

4.10 Deliberate disposition or accidental loss? – A new understanding and interpretation of an urban past Gary Bankhead

4.35 Discussion

4.50 Closing remarks

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