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CALL. 15.12.2018: [SESSION 6] Peaceful co-existence of religions: past and present (EASR 2019) - Tartu (Estonia)









LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: University of Tartu (Tartu, Estonia)



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Peace among religions can be intended in many ways in the history of humanity, it depends on context and time, and the interplay between political power and social structure. This panel aims to deal with the historical events that can be or were considered as pacificatory action on difficult or dangerous relationships among religions, such as royal edicts for tolerance and peace-making, literary and philosophical works by wise rulers, or specific historical events that crashed down rivalries or fights among religions providing new assets for a peaceful cohabitation.


This panel aims also to investigate the real historical impact of such facts and examine if and how the mythographic machine has constructed or transfigured historical facts by means of hagiographical and propagandistic issues.


From this starting point, other questions arise: how has peace been mythologized within the historical flows?


Is it inserted in a chronological sequence of events or does it interrupt narration turning the plot of historical narration?


Does it take part in the chain of historically-based events or is it removed from reality?


Such questions lead us to wonder also if a mythologized peace gives rise to a new tradition that goes beyond the pacificatory action or it establishes a genuine break from the past to authorize a new order.


In order to answer to such questions, special attention will be paid to comparative approaches to religions that historically have been protagonists of the same pacificatory action, in order to compare different records on a single event.


So far as it is compatible with the submitted papers, this panel will try to compare different contexts in order to investigate if there are standard mechanisms for a conceptual construction of pacificatory action, elaboration, and creation of memories able to remove or emphasize a mythologized peace

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