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CALL. 14.02.2019: Conflict Resolution in Ancient and Modern Contexts II: Theory and Genre - London (England)









LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: King's College London (London, England)




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Participants are invited to present on any aspect of the theories and genres pertaining to conflict resolution both ancient and modern. This entails re-evaluating established theoretical frameworks: possible lines of inquiry include interrogating the degree to which the ‘conflict resolution curve’ applies to Colombia and Brazil, asking how the global peace system as envisioned by Johansen (1978) would impact these countries, and suggesting new, culture-based conflict resolution methods for the Latin American region as a whole. Participants might also present on the theoretical aspects of applying Classical models to contemporary conflicts; even though Gentile and McMillan (1979) have demonstrated the importance of literature as a catalyst for positive social change, for example, their conclusions may require revision in light of the special challenges posed by ancient sources. Discussions linking ancient philosophical thought to conflict resolution practices are equally welcome.


Those preferring to address the question of genre might instead examine how conflict resolution is uniquely depicted in certain categories of ancient literature (epic, fable, historiography). They could also choose to identify new subgenres in modern literature, for example by investigating whether ‘conflict resolution narratives’ can be isolated from the wider traditions of the war novel and Latin American novel. The key questions to be answered during this exploration are: What are the main theories and genres of conflict resolution in extant scholarship and literature? What challenges arise when grafting solutions from ancient literature onto real-world problems? How do these relate to the specific geopolitical situations of present-day Colombia and Brazil? And in what ways should these frameworks impact the design of pedagogical materials?  


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