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CALL. 28.02.2019: The Life of the Death. StAGE conference - Edinburgh (Scotland)




LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, Scotland)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Sarah Blair (University of Aberdeen) ; Gladys Mazloum (University of Edinburgh) ; Gardner Moore (University of Glasgow) ; Eugenio Rallo (University of St Andrews). 2019 StAGE conference.



In the Ancient World, death played a pivotal role in everyday life. From rituals and burial ceremonies to philosophical -and scientific- inquiries, death shaped culture and identity. Nevertheless, the vision of the afterlife was never in complete uniformity in spite of -or more accurately because of- Pan-Hellenic and Roman cultural syncretism and indeed it experienced evolution and change from the outset. In truth, there were a wide range of coexisting beliefs and notions that helped develop an ever-changing harmonic system.

To both Greeks and Romans, death influenced the living as much as the living influenced the imagary of death. Indeed, there was a symbiotic relationship between them that bridged the two realms much more than our initial thoughts might suppose. In that sense, recent scholarship has focused on practice rather than belief, with notable exceptions such as Garlan’s -now canonical-: The Greek way of Death and Hope’s 2007: Death in Ancient Rome.

This conference is a new opportunity to revise the topic of the afterlife and will deal with new perspectives on the relationship between life and death in the Ancient World. In that sense, the wide spectrum of topics concerning this relationship calls for a multidisciplinary approach that includes archaeology, anthropology, history, philosophy and literary criticism. This integrated view aims to bridge the ancient imagery, particularly in the representation of the juncture points between the two dimensions.

This conference will form part of the annual StAGE conference series, which is a cooperation between St Andrews, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh in order to facilitate increased contact and interplay between the remaining Classics Departments within Scotland.

This conference will be hosted by the University of Edinburgh from the afternoon of 17th May to the afternoon of 18th May. There will be a conference dinner on the 18th of May. Program and keynote speaker to be confirmed.

We invite any interested speakers to submit abstracts of 200-250 words for papers of 20 minutes to by 28/02/2019. For any additional enquiries please also contact this email address.

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