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The Life of the Death. StAGE conference - 17-18/05/2019, Edinburgh (Scotland)


FECHA/DATE/DATA: 17-18/05/2019

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, Scotland)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Sarah Blair (University of Aberdeen) ; Gladys Mazloum (University of Edinburgh) ; Gardner Moore (University of Glasgow) ; Eugenio Rallo (University of St Andrews). 2019 StAGE conference.



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There will be a conference dinner on the 17th of May at 20:30, for which there is limited availability, so please indicate interest if you would like to attend. There will also be an informal gathering following the conclusion of the conference.


StAGE 2019 Conference Schedule

Friday, 17th May

14:30: Conference opens

15:30: First panel: Introduced by Gladys Mazloum, University of Edinburgh

Owen Rees – Manchester Metropolitan University

Picking over the bones: The practicalities of processing the bodies of the Athenian war dead

Eleni Krikona – University of Hamburg/Athens

Death and Isonomia: The burial practices under the new regime in the late sixth century B.C.E. Athens

Dr. Jessica Clementi – Sapienza University of Rome

A Face for the Eternity: funerary mask and the dream of immortality

Saturday, 18th May

10:00: Conference opens

10:30: Second panel: Introduced by Sarah Blair, University of Aberdeen

Emrys Schlatter – Freie Universität Berlin

Some Dead are Livelier Than Others: The Use and Advantage of Eschatological Inconsistency in Attic Tragedy

Malina Buturovic – Princeton University

The Afterlives of Ghosts: Eidola and the self of the Middle Platonists

Dr. Francesco Mari – Freie Universität Berlin

Stones between two worlds: dead and living clasping hands on attic gravestones of the 4th and 5th c. B.C.

12:00: Lunch in the conference venue

14:00: Third panel: Introduced by Gardner Moore, University of Glasgow

Dr. Anna Gorokhova – Moscow State Pedagogic University

Perception of death in Greek society in the archaic period

Simona Martorana – Durham University

Umbrae nocentes, caedite: Seneca’s great sinners – or the Underworld on the stage.

Elaine Sanderson –University of Liverpool

Cadaver Victurum: necromancy, poet and afterlife

c.15:30: Break

16:30: Keynote address: Introduced by Eugenio Rallo, University of St. Andrews

Professor Karen Bassi – University of California at Santa Cruz

Death and Mimesis in Plato

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