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CALL. 30.01.2019: Ancient Figure-Decorated Pottery Interest Group (AIA) 2019 Colloquium: Ancient Pottery. Shapes and Contexts - Washington (DC, USA)

















The Ancient Figure-Decorated Pottery Interest Group of the Archaeological Institute of America would like to propose a colloquium for the 2020 AIA conference. The aim of the interest group is to promote the study of figure-decorated pottery made in the ancient Mediterranean, with a particular focus on its production, use and distribution.


We propose to submit a panel of five or six 15 to 20-minute papers that address the topic of vessel-shape and context. Building upon previous AIA sessions sponsored by our interest group – Figure-Decorated Vases and Identity(2018) and Figure-Decorated Pottery from Ancient Greek Domestic Contexts(2019) – we seek to explore the roles that shape or function play in assemblages of ancient pottery and other finds from a variety of contexts.   For example, a tomb with fifty objects in it might have five figure-decorated pots of different fabrics, prompting discussion concerning the relationship of shape, function, and iconography with the non-figured pots and associated finds.  Shape can also carry associations of ethnicity and target markets (for example Nikosthenic amphorae and Etruria), gender (hydriai for women, kraters for men), and ritual (lebetes gamikoi, white ground lekythoi), among other possibilities.  There are also instances of "special shapes", whether rare forms specifically commissioned or familiar forms at unusual scales. 


To appreciate fully the place of figure-decorated vases in assemblages, we are especially interested in papers that consider the relationship of figure-decorated vases to plain and black-gloss wares. We encourage a diversity of perspectives spanning production, transport and trade, consumption and re-use. In all cases, we seek to examine the values that users of ancient pottery accorded to form, function, and decoration.  Study of any ancient figure-decorated pottery is welcome.



Mark Stansbury-O’Donnell [] and David Saunders [], co-chairs of this interest group, will organize the colloquium. Please respond by 30thJanuary 2019 with a preliminary idea if you wish to be considered. We will contact you in early February 2019 for a full abstract. You do not have to be an interest group member to submit an abstract, but you do have to be an AIA member.



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