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Writing the embodied experience in imperial ecphrasis - 04-05/09/2019, Cambridge (England)

How did the Greeks and Romans experience and describe their spectacles and material artefacts in the Imperial period? Were they concerned only with ‘de-coding’ these artefacts and performances to show off their cultural intellect or did they frame a more sensuous, embodied encounter with them? Were they as interested in form as in content, in the body as in the brain?

FECHA /DATE/DATA : 04-05/09/2019

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge (Cambridge, England)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Anna Athanasopoulou ; Albert Bates ; Benedek Kruchió

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-Un día/one day/un giorno: £15

-Dos días/two days/due giorni: £30

-Dos días (reducida)/two days (concession)/due giorni (concessione): £25

-Miembros de la Facultad de Clásicas (Cambridge) y Gates Cambridge Scholars/ Members of the Faculty of Classics (Cambridge) and Gates Cambridge Scholars/ Membri della Faculty of Classics (Cambridge) and Gates Cambridge Scholars: Gratis/free/gratuito


Thanks to the generous support of the Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies and the Classical Association, we can provide BURSARIES to partially cover the travel expenses of postgraduate students. To apply for one of these, please email any of the conference convenors by 4th August 2019


DAY 1: Wednesday, 4/09/2019 10.30–11.00 Coffee & opening remarks 11.00–12.30 Session 1: PAINTING Jonas Grethlein (Heidelberg): ‘The Philostratus Trap: Enargeia and Ecphrasis in the Imagines’ Response: Emma Greensmith (Cambridge) Albert Bates (Cambridge): ‘The Synthetic Imagination: Centaurs in Imperial Ecphrasis (Lucian, Philostratus, Callistratus)’ Response: Ruth Webb (Lille) 12.30–13.30 Lunch break 13.30–15.00 Session 2: BODY IN SPACE Anastasia-Erasmia Peponi (Stanford): ‘Toward a Biology of Images’ Response: Robin Osborne (Cambridge) Anna Athanasopoulou (Cambridge): ‘Inscribing the Body in Architectural Ecphrasis: Affect, Experience, and Sense Perception’ Response: Michael Squire (King’s College London) 15.00–15.30 Coffee break 15.30–17.00 Session 3: SPECTACLE IN EPIC AND SATIRE Karin Schlapbach (Fribourg): ‘Nauseous Art in Petronius’ Response: Caroline Vout (Cambridge) Calum Maciver (Edinburgh): ‘Ecphrasis in Imperial Greek Epic: What is it For?’ Response: Richard Hunter (Cambridge) 17.30 Wine reception (Cast Gallery, Faculty of Classics) 19.30 Dinner (at local restaurant) DAY 2: Thursday, 5/09/2019 9.00–9.30 Coffee 9.30–11.00 Session 4: ARCHITECTURE Edmund Thomas (Durham): ‘Matter, Senses, and Surface in the Paper Palaces of the Imperial Roman Baroque’ Response: Helen Lovatt (Nottingham) Carole Newlands (Colorado Boulder): ‘Architectural Ecphrasis in Statius and Fortunatus: Restoration, Repetition, and Renewal’ Response: Helen Slaney (Roehampton) 11.00–11.30 Coffee 11.30–13.00 Session 5: STATUES Basil Dufallo (Michigan): ‘Empire from Another Angle: Queer Pleasures of Art in Statius, Silvae 4.6’ Response: Alexia Petsalis-Diomidis (St Andrews) James Porter: ‘Philostratean Heroics’ (Berkeley) Response: Benedek Kruchió (Cambridge) 13.00–13.45 Final discussion Moderator: Simon Goldhill (Cambridge) INVITED EXPERTS: Froma Zeitlin (Princeton) Nina Braginskaya (Moscow)

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