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CALL. 17.03.2019: Eros in Ancient Philosophy - Cambridge (England)





Whether they viewed Eros as a fundamental aid to philosophical progress, believed Philia to be the driving cosmic force of the universe, or sought to regulate desire out of concern for its ethical and political ramifications, ancient philosophers from the Presocratics through the Neoplatonists deemed Eros in all its variations to be worthy of philosophical discussion. In this spirit, we invite graduate students and early-career researchers (within three years of completion of their degree) from a range of disciplines in the humanities—philosophy, literature, theology, political theory—to submit papers exploring the role of ‘love’ (Eros, Philia, Agape, Amor, Voluptas) in ancient ethics, political philosophy, cosmology, aesthetics, and philosophical practice and method.






LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge (Cambridge, England)




INFO:  web -




We are also pleased to announce that the keynote lectures will be given by Professor Raphael Woolf (KCL) and Dr Frisbee Sheffield (University of Cambridge).


Your paper should be approximately 3000-3500 words (suitable for a 30-minute presentation), though it need not be in its final form at the time of submission. We ask for both a PDF and a Word document, prepared for blind review. Please submit the paper, along with an abstract of no more than 300 words, to Write ‘Conference Submission’ in the subject line of your email and include in the body of the email your name, departmental affiliation, email address, and the title of your paper (as well as the year in which your PhD was awarded in the case of early-career researchers).


The submission deadline is Sunday, 17 March 2019. Successful applicants will be notified by Friday, 29 March.


Please note that successful applicants will be expected to send the final version of their paper (and if applicable, their handout) to their respondent by Sunday, 21 April.

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