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Lexicon and Grammar in the Ebla Texts - 12-13/03/2019, Jena (Germany)

FECHA /DATE/DATA : 12-13/03/2019

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Universität Jena (Jena, Germany)





Dienstag, 12. März 2019 09:30 Uhr WELCOMING 10:00 Uhr A. ARCHI (ROMA) Scribes at work: the bilingual lexical list 11:00 M.G. BIGA (ROMA) Some remarks on the lexikon of the ex-changes in the Ebla texts 12:00 Uhr MITTAGSPAUSE 14:00 Uhr M. BONECHI (ROMA) Contrasting ‘lexicon /and /grammar’ of typologically different Ebla texts. On diagnostic scribal practices and linguis-tic feature 15:00 Uhr A. CATAGNOTI (FIRENZE) Plant names in the Ebla texts. A lexical and morphological overview 16:00 Uhr M. MAIOCCHI (VENEZIA) Thoughts on the Lexicon of ARET XVI 1: Possible Parallels and Hints to a New Interpretation Mittwoch, 13. März 2019 10:00 Uhr L. MILANO (VENEZIA) Title to be announced 11:00 Uhr J. PASQUALI (AVIGNON) Entre deuil et nécromancie: le lexique de la lamentation funèbre à Ebla et dans l'Antiquité classique à la lumière de l’ethnologie et de la religion comparée 12:00 Uhr MITTAGSPAUSE 14:00 Uhr I. SCHRAKAMP (BERLIN) Neue Forschungen zu Sumerogrammen in den Texten aus Ebla 15:00 Uhr M.V. TONIETTI (FIRENZE) The crucial role of prepositions in the phrase. The importance of defining their function and meaning for a correct un-derstandig of our texts. 16:00 Uhr R. WINTERS (JENA) The Meaning and Use of i3-ti at Ebla Reconsidered 17:00 Uhr M. KREBERNIK (JENA) A new Look at the Ebla Incantations

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