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CALL. 15.03.2019: 12th Annual MOISA Meeting “From Past to Present: Transforming historical musical data into possible realities” - Thessaloniki (Greece)











LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Teloglion Foundation of Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Thessaloniki, Greece)


ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Alexandra Goulaki-Voutyra (Thessaloniki); Athena Katsanevaki (Thessaloniki);Antonia Roumpi (Thessaloniki); Angelo Meriani (Salerno)


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The main interest of Archaeology, Historical Sciences and Musicology is to uncover, in different ways, data and testimonies, written or not, regarding the historical or musical past of different societies around the world. Numerous archeological excavations, remnants or testimonies of the music of the past, written testimonies, have offered various information about ancient (especially Ancient Greek and Roman) cultures and civilizations, which are not recognized or incorporated in contemporary life.


There are many possible ways to transform the Past into a contemporary present. This would mean, on the one hand, a creative and broader relationship of the scientist with his field and a collaborative dialogue with other sciences, as well as with his contemporary society itself.


It would also mean that the Past should not be considered as a separate enclave in an abstract dimension of time. Instead, it should offer a way to learn creatively from the cultures of the past and to recognize their possibility to become again part of our contemporary lives. It could also be embodied by our societies in functional ways that would transfer the ancient knowledge and culture to the new generations.


A few of the numerous possibilities to transform the historical musical data into possible realities can be seen below as general topics of the meeting. Any other ideas or critical approaches would be welcome.




1. Music Archeology and contemporary visual and performing arts


2. Embodying Musical Iconography in contemporary projects


3. Exploring ancient musical systems in contemporary traditions


4. Reconstructing Archaeological locations, musical instruments, ancient poetry and drama.


5. Soundscapes in Antiquity and their possible contemporary counterparts


6. Music and Education in Antiquity and today. Possible analogies.


7. Musical inscriptions and contemporary performances


8. Contemporary science and music theory and their contribution to the better knowledge of the past.


9. How to embody an archaeological location to the lives of the surrounding contemporary communities.


10. Archives and historical musical data as tools for contemporary applications


Proposals of less than 300 words for 20-minute papers are invited.

Conference language: English


Proposals should be sent to within15th March 2019, and will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee within 3rd April 2019. Applicants whose abstracts are accepted will be notified immediately afterwards by email and asked to confirm their participation by 10th April 2019.


Only MOISA members are eligible to present a paper. It is possible to join the Society at 

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