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In search of the neo-hittites - 31/03-01-02-03/04/2019, Monte Verità Ascona (Switzerland)

The workshop will consider the material culture and linguistic situation of “Neo-Hittite” and neighbouring states – with a dominant Luwian or Aramaean identity – with a clear focus on the exchange across different scholarly disciplines. To be questioned are ways and dynamics that determine local and chronological differences, to approach the bigger question of how and why these aspects contribute to forging an identity. What is the significance of differences / similarities for any given local identity, and can we detect a programme behind it, i.e. is there a purpose to be fulfilled, and if we can detect such a driving force, to whose benefit is it employed? Another topic to be addressed concerns the methodology used and the question of whether it can be borrowed from other fields of study or needs to be newly minted.

FECHA /DATE/DATA : 31/03-01-02-03/04/2019

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Monte Verità Ascona (Switzerland)





Sunday, 31st March

16.00–17.00 Arrival & Registration

17.00–17.45 Welcome Apéro

17.45–19.15 Key Note Lectures Transition. Hieroglyphic Luwian inscriptions 1200-1000 B.C. (Hawkins) The archaeological chronology of the Iron Age in Northern Syria and Southern Anatolia (Mazzoni) Neo-Hittite and the post-imperial period (Orthmann)

19.15–20.30 Dinner Monday,

1st April

08.00–09.00 Breakfast

09.00 Welcome

09.15–10.30 Topic 1: Continuity and discontinuity after 1200 BCE: Settlement patterns, art, scripts Chair: Tudeau Introduction: • Settlement Patterns (Osborne) • Luwian Hieroglyphs and Cuneiform (Weeden)

10.30–11.00 Coffee Break

11.00–12.30 Topic 2: Languages and scripts: development and influences Chair: Lippke Introduction: • Luwian (Yakubovich) • Aramaic / Phoenician (Lemaire)

12.30–14.00 Lunch

14.00–15.30 Topic 3: Ethnogenesis and identity: markers, designations, outside perspectives Chair: Overmann Introduction: • Aramaean Ethnogenesis and Identity (Younger) • Immigrants from the Aegean and their Acculturation (Lehmann)

15.30–16.00 Coffee Break

16.00–17.30 Topic 4: Urbanism, monumental architecture and art as expressions of identity, power and legitimation Chair: Suter Introduction • Urbanism and Architecture (Hermann) • Art (Bonatz) 19.00–20.30 Dinner

Tuesday, 2nd April

08.00–09.00 Breakfast

09.00–10.30 Topic 5: Current and Future Research: Perspectives & Limitations Chair: Rutishauser Introduction • New Inscription Finds (Peker) • Current Archaeological Work (Harrison)

10.30–11.00 Coffee Break

11.00–12.30 Topic 6: Afterlife concepts, burial practices and ancestor cult Chair: Bonatz Introduction • Ancestor Cult (Lange) • Burial Practices (Sollee)

12.30–14.00 Lunch

14.00–15.30 Discussion 1: Networks / Modes of communication and knowledge transfer Chairs: Pucci – Mönninghoff

15.30–16.00 Coffee Break 1

6.00–17.30 Discussion 2: Development, context and interdisciplinary methodology Chairs: Kulemann-Ossen – Harrison

19.00–20.30 Dinner

Wednesday, 3rd April

08.00–09.00 Breakfast

09.00–10.30 Discussion 3: The vertical and horizontal expansion and the limits of the “Neo-Hittite” culture with introduction paper by Aro-Valjus Chairs: Aro-Valjus – Osborne – Payne

10.30–11.00 Coffee Break

11.00–12.30 Final Discussion: Is there a “Neo-Hittite” culture and how do we define it? Concepts / Strategies Chairs: Novák– Payne

12.30–14.00 Lunch Departure

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