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Aristotle’s Ontology in the Framework of Plato’s Academy - 28-29/05/2019, Torino (Italy)





LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Università di Torino (Torino, Italy)


ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Federico M. Petrucci; Beatrice Michetti








14.45-15: Welcome

15-15.30: Introduction


I session: May 28, 15.30-19

15.30-16.30: Francesco Ademollo (Università di Firenze): Anti-Platonism in Aristotle’s Categories

16.30-17: Break

17-18: Laura Castelli (MUSAPH): Principles, Contraries, and Reductions

18-19: Beatrice Michetti (PhD FINO): Genus as Constituent Part: One/Many Arguments in Metaphysics Z


II session: May 29, 9.15-12.45

9.15-10.15: Michel Crubellier (Université de Lille 3): Can There Be Something Opposite to Being? Metaphysics N 2, 1088b35-1090a2

10.15-10.45: Break

10.45-11.45: Emily Katz (Michigan State University): Intelligible Matter and the Great and the Small

11.45-12.45: Phillip Horky (Durham University): Speusippus Speaks for Himself: the Fragment of On Pythagorean Numbers (Fr. 28 Taran/Fr. 122 I.-P.)


III session: May 29, 15-19.30

15-16: Giulia De Cesaris (PhD Durham University): Aristotle and Speusippus on the Principles of Being

16-17: Roberto Granieri (PhD University of Toronto): Xenocrates and the Two-Category Scheme in the Early Academy

17-17.30: Break

17.30-18.30: David Lefebvre (Paris Sorbonne): Eudemus on the Two Ways of Being in Plato and Aristotle

18.30-19.30: Riccardo Chiaradonna (Università di Roma Tre): Boethus of Sidon, the Old Academy, and First Century BC Philosophical Debates     


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