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Latin Grammarians Forum - 30-31/05/2019, Dublin (Ireland)


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Trinity College Dublin, Department of Classics, Classics Seminar Room (Dublin, Ireland)





Thursday, 30 May 2019 10.30 Registration and coffee Panel A: EDITING COMMENTARIES – chair Anna CHAHOUD (Trinity College Dublin) 11.00 Anna ZAGO (Pisa), Further investigations on the prologue of Pompeius' Commentum 11.30 Stefano POLETTI (Pisa), Interpretive and textual problems of Servius' commentary on Virgil 12.00 Carmela CIOFFI (Halle), A grammarian and a treatise: for a new edition of the Excerpta de comoedia 12.30 Lunch break 14.00 Manuscripts exhibition Panel B: LINGUISTIC UNCERTAINTIES AND PLINY'S LEGACY – chair Costas PANAYOTAKIS (Glasgow) 15.30 Alessandro GARCEA (Paris Sorbonne), Diomedes as a source for Pliny's Dubius sermo: editorial problems 16.00 Michela ROSELLINI (Roma Sapienza), Nomina generis dubii in Servius' commentary on Virgil 16.30 Anna CHAHOUD (Trinity College Dublin), De indiscretis generibus: the rationale of Nonius' Book III 17.00 Discussion Friday, 31 May 2019 09.30 Jennifer EDMONDS (Trinity College Dublin), Digital Philology informative session Panel C: LINGUISTICS AND NEW EXPLORATIONS OF MANUSCRIPT TRADITIONS – chair Mario DE NONNO (Roma Tre) 11.00 Tommaso MARI (Bamberg), Phonology and phonological terminology in Consentius' De barbarismis et metaplasmis 11.30 Costas PANAYOTAKIS (Glasgow), Towards a new critical edition of Charisius 12.00 Elena SPANGENBERG YANES (Trinity College Dublin), Non-mechanical omissions: an insight into the early stages of Priscian's transmission 12.45 Lunch break Panel D: TEXTS IN MULTIPLE VERSIONS – chair Michela ROSELLINI (Roma Sapienza) 14.30 Andrea BRAMANTI (Roma Tre-Paris Sorbonne), The third part of Sacerdos' second book: some remarks on the chapter De structura 15.00 Adam GITNER (München, Thesaurus linguae Latinae), Editing the corpus of bilingual Idiomata verborum 15.30 Claudio GIAMMONA (Roma Sapienza), New discoveries about the Orthographiae Bernenses 16.00 Final round table

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