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The Roman Republic in the Long Fourth Century - 16-17-18/05/2019, Princeton (NJ, USA)


"The Roman Republic in the Long Fourth Century" investigates the transformation of the Roman Republic from the sack of Rome in 387 BCE to the war against Carthage in 264 BCE. As has long been recognized, this crucial moment saw the formation of the Republican state's political structures. Less acknowledged is that this political transformation accompanied radical changes in Rome’s society and economy, as well as in the very character of its cultural production. The aim of this conference is to offer a timely reassessment of state formation in this period and to relate this dynamic process to a wider context of change. The result will be a more holistic view, highlighting the period’s significance for our understanding of the Roman Republican history and providing a basis for future study.




LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: East Pyne Hall, Princeton University (Princeton, NJ, USA)


ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Seth Bernard; Lisa Mignone; Dan-el Padilla Peralta.

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Speakers and Papers: 

Timothy Cornell. “Timaeus and the Romans”

Penelope Davies. “On Architecture’s Agency in Fourth Century Rome”

Francesco de Angelis. “Rome and the Visual Cultures of Central Italy: For an Aesthetic History of the Fourth Century”

Jackie Elliott. "Person and Perspective: Cato’s Origines and Earlier Traditions of Self-Representation and -Commemoration at Rome”

Tymon de Haas. “Rural Transformations in the Long 4th Century: The Ecological Impact of Demographic and Agricultural expansion”

Kristina Killgrove. “Bioarchaeology of Republican Italy”

Kathryn Lomas. “Coinages in 4th century southeast Italy: Strategies for representing cultural identity between Greek, Roman and Italian”

Carlos Noreña. “Legislation, Sovereignty, and Territoriality in the Early Roman Republic"
Domenico Palombi. “No longer Archaic, not yet Hellenistic: Urbanism in transition”

Saskia Roselaar. “The Spoils of War? Changes in Patterns of Land Tenure in the Fourth and Third Centuries BC”

Nathan Rosenstein. “Creating a Roman Army: From Warbands to Legions”

Walter Scheidel. “Building Up Slaveries in Ancient Italy and the African Savanna”

Christopher Smith. “Becoming Political: A Mid-Republican Quandary”

James Tan. “The Long Shadow of Tributum”

Parrish Wright and Nicola Terrenato. "Italian descent in Mid-Republican Roman Magistrates: the flipside of the conquest."

Liv Yarrow. “ The Strangeness of Rome’s Early Heavy Bronze”




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