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Petitioners, Penitents, and Poets: On Prayer and Praying in Second Temple Judaism - 21-22/05/2019, F

This conference, organized by Timothy Sandoval and Ariel Feldman, brings together scholars from the USA and Europe to present their recent work on the topic.


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Brite Divinity School (Fort Worth, TX, USA)





Tuesday, May 21, 1:00pm-4:35pm Joretta Marshall (Brite), Welcome Jonathan Kaplan (UT Austin), “Jonah’s Prayer and the Composition of Jonah” Timothy Sandoval (Brite), “Address to God (and Other Discourse) in Prov. 30:1-9” 2:05-2:20pm: Coffee break Carol Newsom (Emory), “‘If I had said….’ (Ps 73:15): Retrospective Introspection in Didactic Psalmody of the Second Temple Period” George Brooke (University of Manchester, UK), “Patterns of Priesthood and Patterns of Prayer in the Dead Sea Scrolls” 3:20-3:35pm: Coffee break Charlotte Hempel (University of Birmingham, UK), “The Function of the Final Hymn in the Long Text of the Community Rule” Joseph McDonald (Brite), “Abram’s Prayer for Mercy in the Genesis Apocryphon (20.12-16)” 7:00pm Public Lecture by Charlotte Hempel (University of Birmingham, UK): “The Significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls for Judaism and Christianity” The lecture will take place at the University Christian Church (2720 S University Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76109) Wednesday, May 22, 8:30am-12:40pm Ryan Stokes (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary), “Deliver Us from the Evil One: Prayers for Protection from Harmful Superhuman Beings in Early Judaism” Ariel Feldman (Brite), “Three Newly Deciphered Miniature Texts from the Judean Desert: Tefillin or Amulets?” Molly M. Zahn (University of Kansas), “The Absence of Prayer in the Temple Scroll” 10:00-10:15am: Coffee break Matthias Henze (Rice), “Prayer in 2 Baruch” Jack Levison (Perkins), “Prayer and Penitence in the Greek Life of Adam and Eve” 11:15-11:30am: Coffee break Shelly Matthews (Brite), “Prayer as Prequel: Rehabilitating Peter through Jesus’s Intercession in Luke 22:32)” Warren Carter (Brite), “Praying the Lord’s Prayer in “Your Tameion” When There Is No Temple (Matt 6:6-15)” Concluding Remarks

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