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The dance of priests, matronae, and philosophers: Aspects of dance culture in Rome and the Roman emp

It is well known how important a component of ancient Greek culture dance is. In Rome, choral dance in the civic space never had the overwhelming presence it had in the Greek poleis. Consequently, the place of dance in Rome is often portrayed as marginal (if it is studied at all). Cicero’s polemical allegation that „no one hardly dances who is sober, except perhaps if the person is crazy“ (Pro Murena 6.13) is routinely adduced as evidence, and the accusation of nude dancing during dinner parties, a staple of Cicero’s speeches (Pis. 10.22; Deiot. 26; etc.), seems to confirm that dancing was held in very low esteem in Rome. FECHA/DATE/DATA: 19/06/2019

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