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Workshop on Athens ca. 500 BC - 13-14-15/06/2019, Wien (Austria)



FECHA/DATE/DATA: 13-14-15/06/2019


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Institut für Klassische Archäologie, University of Vienna (Wien, Austria)




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Thursday, June 13, 2019


9:30      Marion MEYER (Vienna)                       Welcome and introduction

10:00    Caterina MADERNA (Heidelberg)        Towards Attic democracy – Young bodies for a new form of government                        

10:45    coffee break

11:00    Gianfranco ADORNATO (Pisa)              Body in transition

11:45    Anja SLAWISCH (Cambridge)               Figures in Motion: An Ionian perspective on the Severe Style

12:30    lunch break

14:00    Judith BARRINGER (Edinburgh)           When does ‘Classical’ begin?

14:45    Susan ROTROFF (St. Louis)                  Thoughts about the beginning of Red-Figure

15:30    coffee break

15:45    Kathleen LYNCH (Cincinnati)                Attic fineware at the turn of the 5th century: Shapes and images

16:30    round table

Exhibition “Körper im Raum / Bodies in Space” (Archaeological Collection)

Reception in the Archaeological Collection of the University of Vienna


Friday, June 14, 2019

9:30     Fernande HÖLSCHER (Heidelberg)       The krisis of Paris: Changing aspects of the goddesses

10:15   Paolo PERSANO (Pisa)                           Theseus, Antiope and amazonomachies in Late Archaic art                                                                                   

11:00   coffee break

11:15   Ralf VON DEN HOFF (Freiburg)            Theseus in Athens, 530 – 470 B.C.

12:00   Riccardo DI CESARE (Foggia)                 Performing Athens: Urban spaces and polis identity, 530 - 470 B.C.                                                                                  

12:45   lunch break

14:30   Marion MEYER (Vienna)                        paides Athenaion as warriors, oikos members, worshippers. Defining the citizen

15:15   coffee break

15:30   round table


Saturday, June 15, 2019

9:30     Manolis KORRES (Athens)                     The beginning of Classical architecture

10:15   Hans R. GOETTE (Berlin)                        The development of Greek theater in Athens ca. 530 to 470 B.C.

11:00   coffee break

11:15   Anna Maria D’ONOFRIO (Naples)        The beautiful monument: The aristocracy of images in Athenian funerary sculpture (530 - 480 B.C.)

12:00   Catherine KEESLING (Wash. D.C.)         Forms of monumentality in Athenian commemoration of the Persian Wars-

12:45   lunch break

14:00   Elena WALTER-KARYDI (Athens)           The Athenians discover themselves as a community and enhance their connection

                                                                             to the polis and Theseus

14:45   final discussion 


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