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Workshop "Law and Religion in the Middle East and Mediterranean" - 28/06/2019, Amsterdam (

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 28/06/2019

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Netherlands)


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09:30-10:00: gathering, coffee. 10:00-10:15: opening words (Irene Zwiep). 10:15-12:00: Session 1: Ancient Near Eastern and Christian Law. Chair: Karel van der Toorn. Sophie Démare-Lafont (key-note speaker, Université Paris II – Panthéon-Assas / Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, PSL): “Gods as Judges: The Making of Law in the Ancient Near East.” Ilan Peled (University of Amsterdam): “A Deo Lex? Law and Religion in Ancient Near Eastern Legislation.” Jan Hallebeek (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): “Church Asylum in Late Antiquity: Concession by the Emperor or Competence of the Church?” 12:00-13:30: lunch. 13:30-15:00: Session 2: Biblical and Jewish Law. Chair: Irene Zwiep. Jacques van Ruiten (University of Groningen): “Legal Material in the Book of Jubilees.” Margaretha Folmer (Leiden University / Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): “The Divorce Motif in Jewish Magical Texts from Late Antiquity.” Leo Mock (Tilburg University): “The Rabbis and Idolatry.” 15:00-15:30: coffee. 15:30-16:30: Session 3: Islamic Law. Chair: Robbert Woltering. Nicolet Boekhoff-van der Voort (Radboud University Nijmegen): “The Impact of Imitation: The Development of the Sunna of the Prophet Muhammad as the Second Source of Islamic Jurisprudence.” Jelle Bruning (Leiden University): “Compensating for the Illegal Sale of a Slave: A Socio-Historical Approach to Early-Islamic Laws on Sale.” 16:30-16:45: concluding words (Ilan Peled).

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