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CALL. 18.10.2019 [SESSIONS]: LAC2020. 6th Landscape Archaeology Conference - Madrid (Spain)




LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences (CCHS) - National Archaeology Museum (Madrid, Spain)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Almudena Orejas (CSIC); Brais X. Currás (Universidade de Coimbra-CEAACP); Guillermo S. Reher (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid/CSIC); Kyle P. Hearn (Universidad Pública de Navarra)

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The themes of the conference are:

· Multidisciplinarity in landscape research: techniques and theories.

· Technologies applied to the study of landscape.

· Mobility, settlement and resilience: human dynamics in landscape.

· The landscape as cultural heritage: management, knowledge transfer and local communities.

· Symbolic, Relict, Living and Landscapes of Memory.

· Climate change, Anthropocene and environmental shock: the landscape as a tool to analyse the transformations of the past and the future

Any proposals fitting with these themes will be welcomed.

We invite anyone interested in proposing a session to submit:

· A session title

· Name(s), addresses and affiliations and brief bio of the session chairperson(s)

· A 500 word abstract summarizing the objectives and potential impact of the proposed session

Please indicate whether the session will be open (papers within it will result from the general call for papers) or closed (session papers will be collected by the session chair, or it will have an alternative format not based on papers).

A preliminary list of potential or already accepted participants will be welcomed.

Papers within each session will result from the general call for papers. Session papers will be collected by the session chair, or they will have an alternative format not based on papers. Please send all session proposals to, by October 18st 2019.

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