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CALL. 15.09.2019: Warfare in Antiquity Conference: Perceptions, Realities, and Reception in the 21st




LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: King's College London (London, England)




Warfare in antiquity has captivated academics and enthusiasts alike for millennia. Several works, including specialist manuals (e.g. Asclepiodotus’ Tactics; Vegetius’ Epitome of Military Science) and historiographical discussions (e.g. Caesar’s Commentaries; Procopius’ History of the Wars), indicate clearly that ancient societies were fascinated by the workings of both contemporary and earlier methods of warfare. This interest has endured all the way to the modern era and has yielded a much deeper understanding of ancient warfare from various perspectives. Academic movements like the ‘face of battle’ studies started by John Keegan in the 1970s and the ‘war and society’ publications in the 1990s are prime examples of how our understanding of ancient warfare continues to evolve. With the emergence and flourishing of ‘specialised’ academic research in the past two decades, the study of warfare in antiquity has grown into as diverse a discipline as the cultures it aims to study. The ‘specialisation’ trend of academia has afforded both academics and enthusiasts the opportunity to delve deeper and challenge long held perceptions and assumptions. Such challenges have the potential to shift (or in some cases reaffirm) the way modern scholars understand warfare in antiquity. Recognizing the tremendous work being done on warfare in antiquity and considering the lack of platforms afforded to academics and enthusiasts to discuss their respective research and interests this academic year, we are proud to announce the Warfare in Antiquity Conference. We invite those interested to submit proposals that discuss various aspects of warfare in the ancient world, in particular those in a dialogue with established schools of thought in and perceptions of the discipline. The event is focused upon realities, in terms of both the ancient armed forces and ancient conceptions of their experiences, and also modern scholarship, with new hypotheses and arguments building upon and challenging accepted theories. We cordially invite proposals on all aspects of ancient warfare, particularly those which deal with the conference themes of Perceptions, Realities, and Reception. Proposals should include a 300 word abstract along with a few words about the applicant – their research interests, university affiliation and / or status etc. Separately in the body of the email, please provide your full name, contact email address and university affiliation. The conference will be held on SATURDAY NOVEMBER 23RD 2019, AT KING'S COLLEGE LONDON. The DEADLINE for submissions will be 5 P.M. on SEPTEMBER 15th, 2019. Please send all submissions for papers as a Word Document to

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