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The Triumviral Period: Civil War, Political Crisis and Socioeconomic Transformations - 03-04-05/09/2

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 03-04-05/09/2019

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Salón de Actos, Museo Pablo Gargallo (Zaragoza, Spain)





SEPTEMBER 3, TUESDAY 17-18.30 Frederik Vervaet (Melbourne): The Triumviratus Rei Publicae Constituendae: Political Dimensions and Constitutional Aspects

Francisco Pina Polo (Zaragoza): The functioning of the Republican institutions under the Triumvirs 19-20.30 Hannah Cornwell (Birmingham): The Political currency of peace in the triumviral period

Carsten Hjort Lange (Aalborg): Civil War and the (Almost) Forgotten Pact of Brundisium SEPTEMBER 4, WEDNESDAY

10-11.30 Valentina Arena (London): The notion of bellum civile Cristina Rosillo-López (Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla): The conflicted socio-political experience of the Italians in the Triumviral period 12-13.30 Marie-Claire Ferries (Grenoble): Senatorum ... incondita turba (Suet. Div.Aug. 35.1). Was the overmanned composition of the Triumviral Senate a means of ensuring its compliance?

Alejandro Díaz Fernández (Málaga): Provinces and Provincial Command under the Triumvirs: Hispania as Case Study 16.45-18.15 Dominik Maschek (Oxford): Construction, consumption, and conflagration: The archaeology of social meltdown in the triumviral period

Marta García Morcillo (Roehampton, London): Hasta infinita: Patrimonial Confiscations, Sales and Financial Strategies during the triumviral period 18.30-20 Enrique García Riaza (Palma de Mallorca): κήρυκάς τε περιπέμπων. Information exchange and political communication in the triumviral period: aims, means and methods

Francesca Rohr Vio (Venezia): Children for the family, children for the state. Regard and tutelage of the offspring during the triumvirate SEPTEMBER 5, THURSDAY

10-11.30 Catherine Steel (Glasgow): The intersection of oratory and institutional change

Martin Jehne (Dresden): Invective activities in the city of Rome in the Caesarian and Triumviral periods 12-13.30 Frédéric Hurlet (Nanterre, Paris): Fear in the City during the Triumviral Period: Expression and Exploitation of a Political Emotion

Henriette van der Blom (Birmingham): The reception of Octavian’s oratory and public communication in the imperial period


Kathryn Welch (Sidney): Marcus Antonius and the Power of Images

Jeff Tatum (Wellington): Antony and Athens

Andrea Raggi (Pisa): Triumviral documents from the Greek East


Clifford Ando (Chicago): Closing remarks

Conference closure

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