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CALL. 19.09.2019: Found in Translation: Interpreting, Reworking, and Reinventing Texts - Oxford (England)










LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Green's institute, University of Oxford (Oxford, England)



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It is universally recognised that in translating a text from one medium to another, or from one language to another, we encounter translation loss. Nevertheless, as Octavio Paz puts it, ‘each translation is a creation and thus constitutes a unique text’: a work that reveals the artistic and technical skills of the translator, is crafted for a specific audience, and sheds light on the context of its composition. What, therefore, is found in translation, and who finds it?


Translations of key religious or political texts become battlegrounds for heated debate, while many classics reach far larger audiences in translation than they ever reached in their original form. Emma Campbell and Robert Mills suggest that the study of medieval translatio studii et imperii is inevitably the study of ethics and politics - what, therefore, do we discover (or uncover) when we excavate the ideological layers of translated works, and how does this change over time?


This conference seeks to consider what is found in translation across a broad chronology in the medieval, renaissance, and modern worlds. Papers will be twenty minutes, and the language of delivery will be English. Conference registration is free of charge. 


Suggested themes include:


• The social status of translations and translators

• The practicalities of undertaking translation

• Teaching history and literary studies through translations

• Translation as commentary and scholarship

• Translating narratives into image and sculpture

• Translating text from the page to audio, stage, or screen

• Digitisation and editing as forms of translation

• Translating for new communities - reception and fandom

• Artistic expression and individuality in translation

• Finding new audiences through translation.


Please email an abstract of 150-200 words to by 19th September 2019.


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