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Frammenti e dintorni - Fragmente im Kontext - 07-08-09/11/2019, Merano (Italy)



The concept of the conference, expressed by the Italian word "dintorni", is manifold: we aim at investigating not only the fragments themselves, but also the contexts in which they are quoted, the reasons why they are quoted, and their relationship with other text that we have as a whole.


FECHA/DATE/DATA: 07-08-09/11/2019


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Accademia di Studi Italo-Tedeschi (Merano, Italy)


ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Dr. V. Mastellari (Freiburg/Heidelberg)







Thursday, 7th November 2019


15:00 Opening and registration


15:20 Greetings by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. B. Zimmermann (Freiburg/Heidelberg), Prof. I. De Gennaro (Accademia di Studi Italo-Tedeschi, Merano), Dr. V. Mastellari (Freiburg/Heidelberg, organisation)


First Session: Quoting others: Lexicography and Ancient Erudition


15:45 Prof. R. Tosi (Università di Bologna), Alcune osservazioni sui frammenti tramandati dai lessici


16:15 Prof. F. Montanari (Università di Genova), Le tortuose strade del frammento. Citazioni nell’erudizione antica


16:45 Discussion


17:15 Wine reception



Friday, 8th November 2019


10:00 Beginning of the works


Second Session: Fragments in Context and Contexts of Fragments


10:15 Prof. P.J. Finglass (University of Bristol), Editing fragments in context


10:45 Prof. E. Csapo (University of Sydney), Lachares and Menander: a Theatre-Historical Look at POxy  1235, col. iii, 103-12


11:15 Discussion


11:45 Coffee Break


12:15 Prof.ssa A.M. Andrisano (Università di Ferrara), Una testimonianza comica a proposito di Cinesia (Ar. Ran. 366)


12:45 Discussion


13:00 Lunch



Third Session: Comic Fragments


15:00 Dr. F. Favi (University of Oxford), Comedy at the border, at the border of comedy: Epicharmus and epic parody


15:30 Prof. I.M. Konstantakos (National & Kapodistrian University of Athens), Talking animals and the beginnings of the Märchenkomödie


16:00 Discussion


16:30 Coffee Break


17:00 Prof. A. Petrides (Open University of Cyprus), Menander’s Leucadia : issues of interpretation and aspects of modern reception


17:30 Discussion



Saturday, 9th November 2019


09:45 Beginning of the works


Fourth Session: Philosophical and Historical Fragments in Context


10:00 Prof. Dr. I. Männlein-Robert (Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen), The old gods in fragments or how to deconstruct an enemy: Eusebius's handling of Porphyry's Περὶ ἀγαλμάτων


10:30 Dr. E. Lupi (Leibniz Universität Hannover), Timeo nel frammento 50 Jacoby


11:00 Discussion


11:30 Closing Remarks followed by a walking tour of Merano.


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