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Middle Platonism and its Literary Reflections - 03-04/07/2020, Freiburg im Breisgau (Online)


The conference joins and stimulates a conversation between historians of literature and historians of philosophy on how their disciplines organise themselves through time: how does the development of doctrine or intellectual speculation reflect and shape changes in literature and literary responses to intellectual culture? Where are the boundaries between doctrinal development and literary reception?

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 03-04/07/2020


ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Ben Cartlidge (Liverpool); Leonardo Costantini (Freiburg im Breisgau).



The details of the Zoom room will be made available only to those registered on the Eventbrite group, so please do sign up there!


3rd July

10-10:30 ‘welcomes’ (S. Tilg, B. Cartlidge / L. Costantini)

SESSION 1 (chair: H.-G. Nesselrath)

10:30-11 M. Trapp (KCL), ‘What becomes of Plato’s myths?’

11-11:30 T. Kondo (Hokkaido University), ‘Plato’s Laws in Musonius Rufus and Clement of Alexandria’


SESSION 2 (chair: J. Mossman)

12-12:30 C. Flaig (Freie Universität Berlin), ‘Cibus ad virtutem non pertinet? Philosophical ramifications of food metaphors in the first century CE’

12:30-13 B. Cartlidge (Liverpool), ‘Death and dinner: the Phaedo's theories in Athenaeus' Deipnosophists'


SESSION 3 (chair: M. Trapp)

2:30-3 C. Mársico (Buenos Aires), ‘Aelius Aristides and Maximus of Tyre as sources of Socratic philosophies and their impact in epistolography’

3-3:30 L. Costantini (Freiburg), ‘Platonising traits in Fronto’s Letters’

3:30-4 H.-G. Nesselrath (Göttingen), ‘Middle Platonists in Lucian’

4th July

SESSION 4 (chair: L. Costantini)

10-10:30 E. Dal Chiele (Bologna), ‘Literary aspects in Apuleius’ De Platone et eius dogmate: the description of the wise man in Apul. Plat. 2,247-255’

10:30-11 L. Pasetti (Bologna), ‘A Middle Platonic allegorical reading of Homer’s Odyssey as a key for the closure of Apuleius’ Metamorphoses’


SESSION 5 (chair: B. Cartlidge)

11:30-12 J. Mossman (Coventry), ‘Plutarch, Etymology and Plato’s Cratylus’

12-12:30 E. Ramsey (Wellington College), ‘Cosmology in the New Academy: Cicero’s translation of the Timaeus’

12:30-13 A. Zadorozhnyy (Liverpool), ‘From the horse’s mouth: Plato’s vocabulary and authority in Pollux’s Onomasticon’


SESSION 6 (chair: A. Zadorozhnyy)

2:30-3 D. Dundua (Oxford), ‘Ways of seeing and ways of knowing: Some Platonic themes in Philostratus and Maximus of Tyre’

3-3:30 C. Hilton (Bryn Mawr), ‘Maximus of Tyre and Middle Platonic approaches to Platonic myth’

3:30-5 Round-table discussion

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