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CALL. 30.10.2019: V Hellenistic Warfare Conference - Barcelona (Spain)


Warfare was a central issue in Antiquity. The Hellenistic period was, however, a turning point in all the facets of warfare and war formulas for a great number of peoples in the Mediterranean basin and beyond. From the amazing adventure of Alexander’s Macedonians conquering Asia until the unstoppable advance of Roman Imperialism, East to west from Iberia to India, the Hellenistic world bound together such different kinds of war, warfare and military elements in societies and cultures as the Carthaginians, Parthians, Iberians, Celts, Germanics, etc., fighting with and against Egyptian-Macedonians, Seleucids, Greeks or Roman armies, who also faced themselves constantly.



LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Marc Mendoza (UAB) ; César Sierra (UV) ; Borja Antela-Bernárdez (UAB)



Although the Proceedings from the First Hellenistic Warfare Conference were published in 2011, the first conference itself took place in Toruń in 2003, the Second Conference in Valencia in 2005 (unpublished as yet), the Third in Tours in 2007, and the Fourth took part in Mexico DC in 2017. These scientific reunions concerning views, scopes and different approaches to the realities of War during the Hellenistic period have been celebrated regularly. Nevertheless, the wide range of historical aspects to deal with in research about the Hellenistic world requires frequent revision and discussion. The aim of this V Hellenistic Warfare Conference is to open a space for discussion and to bring together researchers and specialists from all over the world with interest focused in the Hellenistic Warfare from a very broad point of view in the Autonomous University of Barcelona (, in Spain. We welcome scholars working with any type of evidence (literary, archaeological, epigraphic, papyrological, numismatic, etc.). Those interested in participating in the conference should send an abstract (ca. 250-300 words written in English, French, Italian or Spanish) to Speakers will be allotted 25 minutes to present their research as well as an additional 10 minutes to field questions. Abstracts should be sent by October 30, 2019. As soon as the organizing committee has reviewed all proposals, speakers will be contacted in October. The organization will not cover traveling expenses, nor accomodation for regular participants. However, meals and coffee breaks will be covered by the host institution during the days of the Conference. Confirmed Speakers: N. Sekunda.

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