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CALL. 01.12.2019: BANEA 2020: "Critical Debates in the Archaeology of the Middle East" - O




LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Ashmolean Museum (Oxford, England)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: British Association of Near Eastern Archaeology (BANEA)

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The deadline for presentation and poster submissions (title and abstract) is 01 December 2019

We encourage submissions that relate to the following themes:

  1. ‘New approaches to old problems’ Session is expected to draw papers that highlight the most current methodologies in archaeology (including epigraphy), such as in archaeological science, through digital methodologies, and through varied quantitative and qualitative engagements with archaeological heritage

  2. ‘Connecting people, plants, animals and things’ Session is expected to draw archaeological science, but also more theoretically-oriented assessments of ‘entanglements’ in material culture assemblages

  3. ‘Religion and ritual in everyday life’ Session is expected to draw papers on the identification and interpretation of ritual assemblages in prosaic ‘every day’ contexts

  4. ‘Reconstructing ancient landscapes’ Session is expected to draw papers that explore multi-disciplinary and integrative approaches to ancient landscapes, for example through combinations of geo-archaeology, GIS-based regional-scale analyses, phenomenology and epigraphy/texts

  5. ‘Approaching heritage landscapes’ Session is expected to draw papers that explore the relationship between landscape archaeology and heritage research and management

  6. ‘Water management between past and present’ Session is expected to draw papers focusing on interdisciplinary approaches to ancient water management and its relevance for modern water systems, including paleo-environmental studies, remote sensing, engineering, anthropological approaches, text-based historical studies, and water heritage studies

  7. ‘Legacies’ Session is expected to draw papers that address the challenges of re-using legacy data, including the re-excavation of legacy archaeological sites

  8. ‘Rethinking origins’ Session is expected to draw papers that examine the primacy of ‘origins’ in so much archaeological and ancient world research in the Middle East

  9. ‘Public engagement and sustainable heritage’ Session is expected to draw papers that highlight efforts in museums and cultural heritage sites to ‘democratize’ the past, including by finding ways for archaeology and archaeological research to improve the social and economic conditions of people who inhabit archaeological landscapes

  10. ‘Current fieldwork’ Session is expected to draw papers that foreground the methodological and epistemological challenges of fieldwork projects (i.e. prioritizing discussions of frameworks over presentations of data/results)

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