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Palmyra. Pearl of the Syrian Desert - 18/01/2020, Copenhagen (Denmark)



In a time when globalisation, migration and cultural conflict permeate the agenda in many places in the modern world, the ancient city of Palmyra has again attracted attention with its fascinating history as one of the world’s first multicultural societies.


Palmyra was an oasis in the Syrian desert that had its golden age during the Roman period. Outside Syria, The Glyptotek holds the world’s largest collection of the city’s funerary portraits, currently on display in the critically acclaimed special exhibition The Road to Palmyra.


FECHA/ DATE/DATA: 18/01/2020


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek (Copenhagen, Denmark)



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10.15: Introduction to the topic and to the exhibition The Road to Palmyra by curator Anne Marie Nielsen (in the exhibition)
11.00: Welcome with Professor Rubina Raja and curator Anne Marie Nielsen
11.15: Grzegorz Majcherek: From village to city and back again – an outline of urban development of Palmyra
11.45: Eivind Seland: Palmyrene trade networks
12.15: Lunch break
13.15: Jean-Baptiste Yon: Belonging to the elite in Roman Palmyra
13.45: Ted Kaizer: Palmyrene religion in 5 objects
14.15: Coffee break
14.45: Maura Heyn: Men, Women, and Children in Palmyra
15.15: Kenneth Lapatin: Palmyra in Malibu – Exhibition at the Getty Villa
15.45: Summary
16.00: Opportunity to join the speakers in the exhibition


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