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Mythology and Education - 18/02/2020, Cambridge (England)

Greco-Roman mythology is used widely and imaginatively in teaching and outreach activities from Early Years to Higher Education. This event, a follow-up to 2017's Mythology and Education: History and Practice, is an opportunity to analyse the pedagogical benefits and pitfalls of teaching mythology and to share and explore effective practices and innovation in the field. Join us for a one-day workshop featuring presentations and discussions from academics, teachers, museum specialists, the Cambridge Schools Latin Project, and more.

FECHA / DATE/DATA: 18/02/2020

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: University of Cambridge's Faculty of Education (Cambridge, England)


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10-10.15 Opening 10.15 PANEL A: Mythology and Inclusion. Chair: Ingo Gildenhard 10.15-10.45 Susan Deacy: Myth and Autistic Education: Choosing with Hercules 10.45-11.15 Barbara Strycharczyk and Hazel Pearson: Mythology as a Source of Creative Inspiration and an Element of Interdisciplinarity 11.15-11.45 Schools: A Roundtable Discussion with Practising Teachers. Led by Frances Foster 11.45-12 Break 12 noon PANEL B: Children’s Material Culture 12-12.30 Rachel Bryant Davies: Nineteenth Century Juvenile (Time) Travellers 12.30-1.00 Museums: A Roundtable Discussion with Museum Practitioners. Led by Sonya Nevin 1.00-2.00 LUNCH BREAK with POSTER SESSION 2.00 PANEL C: Children’s Literature. Chair: Richard Woff 2.00-2.30 Karen Coats: Re-imagining of Beowulf and the Greek and Nordic Gods in Children's and Young Adults' Verse and Graphic Novels 2.30-3.00 Katerina Volioti: Mythology and Leadership in Illustrated Children's Books 3.00-3.10 Break 3.10 PANEL D: Children’s Culture Resources 3.10-3.35 Caroline Bristow: Breaking Silence through the Power of Classical Myths and Stories 3.35-4 How to Change the World though the Power of Classics: A Roundtable Discussion with Our Mythical Survey Database Contributors. (Database available at ) Led by Susan Deacy 4pm: Close

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