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The Origins of Roman Public Space - 07/02/2020, Sydney (Australia)

FECHA / DATE/DATA: 07/02/2020

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Centre for Classical and Near Eastern Studies of Australia (Sydney, Australia)


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Session 1:

10:00-11:20 - Gentes and the City: Christopher Smith (St Andrews) and Nicola Terrenato (Michigan):

Responses to Terrenato, N. “The Versatile Clans: Archaic Rome and the Nature of Early City-States in Central Italy.” In State Formation in Italy and Greece: Questioning the Neoevolutionist Paradigm, edited by N. Terrenato and D.C. Haggis, 231–44. Oxford, 2011.

Morning Tea Break

11:40-1:00 - The Archaic Legacy in Roman Public Space: John Hopkins (IFA/NYU) and Amy Russell (Durham/Brown):

Lunch Break

Session 2:

3:00-4:00 - A workshop for students and junior scholars on how to write book reviews: Kathryn Welch (Sydney), Amy Russell (Durham/Brown), James Tan (Sydney), Nicola Terrenato (Michigan).

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