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CALL. 13.02.2020: [PANEL 228] Cross-disciplinary approaches to the study of archaeological woodcraft




LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: ELTE Faculty of Humanities Campus - Hungarian National Museum (Budapest, Hungary)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: María Martín-Seijo ; Raquel Piqué i Huerta ; Marta Domínguez-Delmás ; Filipe C. Vaz ; João P.V. Tereso

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Wood has been ubiquitous, widely available and multi-purpose raw material used trough History for crafting from individual possessions and utilitarian utensils as well as for building dwellings and other kind of buildings, or even for making means of transport -such carts, sleds, boats, etc.-, carving sculptures and figures, etc. Crafting wood involves botanical knowledge, distinctive material understanding, technological developments and transfer of knowledge and it is closely linked to forest (and scrubland) management. Current archaeobotanical research indicate the existence of a long tradition in the use of some species trough Europe that have been used for similar purposes during millennia, but also reflect the changes related to the incorporation of technical innovations for acquiring wood, conversing and crafting this raw material. This has resulted on the development of specific technologies not only for crafting but also for managing forests (and scrubland) to provide adequate raw materials for basketry, woodworking, etc. This session welcomes cross-disciplinary approaches -combining archaeology, archaeobotany, dendrochronology, ethnoarchaeology, experimental archaeology and/or ethnobotany- dealing on wood acquisition -including forest management-, addressing the study of wooden objects and structures, applying cutting-edge research to the study of crafted wood, as well as integrating investigations that combined ethnoarchaeological studies, experimentation performed by artisans.

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