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CALL. 20.02.2020: [PANEL 2] Workshop "Red: Colour, Symbol, Emotion" (EABS)- Wuppertal (Ger




LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: University of Wuppertal (Wuppertal, Germany)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Lourdes García Ureña (Universidad CEU San Pablo); Emanuela Valeriani( Université de Genève) Marta Crispi Cantón (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya). Steering Committee: Mónica Durán (University of Granada)

INFO: call - web -; evaleriani@fastwebnet.itm;


Nowadays, the colour red is considered one of the basic colour terms of modern languages. The digital era allows the creation and nuancing of the various hues and shades it possesses. Its strength is such that today it forms part of logos, brands, announcements, road signs, etc. However, the expressive strength of the colour red is also found in antiquity. Curiously the Bible, which is characterized by its sober use of the language of colour, utilizes this colour through both direct (colour terms) and indirect (terms that themselves denote colour such as blood or fire) designations.

Their use not only imbues the text with colour but conveys various symbolic connotations. This happens both in the written text and in the different pictorial representations of the Bible.

As is well known, the Bible does not arise in a culture enclosed within itself. For this reason, it is relevant to study the colour red as it was used and interpreted in antiquity and in the subsequent centuries where we find the history of its reception.

For the 2020 conference, we are also welcoming papers which study:

  1. Colour terms related with the colour red in Antiquity (Hebrew, Hittite, Greek, Latin)

  2. Metaphor and Symbolism of the colour red in the written text or in the artistic representations

  3. Pigments and dyes used to elaborate the different hues of red

  4. Restoration of artistic works and restitution of colours in religious painting

The call for papers is open until 20th February. To submit your abstract click here: The chairs will communicate the acceptance of the proposal by March 12th.

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