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ISAW Archaeology Day - 05/03/2020, New York (NY, USA)




FECHA/DATE/DATA: 05/03/2020


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York (NY, USA)


ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Institute for the Study of the Ancient World at NYU


INFO: web 

INSCRIPCIÓN/REGISTRATION/REGISTRAZIONE:  Aquí/here/qui  Gratis/free/gratuito




5pm: Poster Session: ISAW Visiting Research Scholars and PhD Students


Narges Bayani (PhD Student)
Bronze Age Stamp Seals from Tepe Damghani, Northeast Iran


Cicek Tascioglu Beeby (Visiting Research Scholar)
Gender Identity and Burial at Early Iron Age Argos


Lorenzo Castellano (PhD Student)
The Niğde-Kınık Höyük Archaeobotanical Project: Ancient Landscapes and Agriculture in Cappadocia (Turkey) from the Hittite to the Ottoman Period


Emily Frank (PhD Student)
Fifty-Plus Years of On-Site Metals Conservation at Sardis: Correlating Treatment Efficacy and Implementing New Approaches


Alireza Khounani (PhD Student)
Reconciling Archaeology and Numismatics: Bronze Coins at Arsacid Seleucia-Ctesiphon and Susa


Nathan Lovejoy (PhD Student)
Trash or Treasure—A Late Iron Age Midden Heap: Excavations from Kınık Höyük-Niğde, Sector A2, Room A7


Mitra Panahipour (Visiting Assistant Professor)
Geospatial Applications for Reconstructing Long-term Landscape History in the Zagros Region of Iran and Iraq


Christina Stefanou (PhD Student)
Lyktos on Crete: An Archaeology of the Suburban Landscape


Daniela Wolin (Visiting Assistant Professor)

Death at the Beginning and End of Life: Bioarchaeology of a Xiongnu Burial in the Eastern Gobi Steppe of Mongolia


6pm: ISAW Faculty Presentations


Roger Bagnall (Emeritus Professor of Ancient History, Leon Levy Director Emeritus)
Amheida/Trimithis: An Oasis City in Egypt


Roderick Campbell (Associate Professor of East Asian Archaeology and History)
Chinese Bronze Age Economics


Lorenzo d'Alfonso (Associate Professor of Western Asian Archaeology and History)
Niğde-Kınık Höyük Archaeological Project


Sebastian Heath (Clinical Associate Professor of Computational Humanities and Roman Archaeology)
Field Work as Publication at a Roman Port (Kenchreai, Greece)


Robert Hoyland (Professor of Late Antique and Early Islamic Middle Eastern History)
Barda Excavation Project


Antonis Kotsonas (Assistant Professor of Mediterranean History and Archaeology)
Lyktos on Crete: Ancient Tradition, Past Research, and New Fieldwork


Daniel Potts (Professor of Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology and History)
Excavations by the Joint Kurdish-German-American Expedition to Gird-i Rostam (Kurdish Regional Government, Iraq)


Sören Stark (Associate Professor of Central Asian Art and Archaeology)
Rural Landscapes in Hellenistic Central Asia: Excavations at Bashtepa (Bukhara Oasis)


7pm: Reception




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