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CALL. 01.03.2020: II. Symposium on Mythology (Myths in the Ancient and Modern World) - Ardahan (Turk


The topic of our Symposium is broadly the study of myths in various academic branches, such as archaeology, classics, history and philosophy. Although myths seem to be equated with superstitions, fantasies or false beliefs beginning probably from the early modern period, the studies in clinical psychology and philosophy during the so-called postmodern era disclosed that myths are ingrained in the very fabric of human psyche and social life. With a view to examining the reception of mythology in the contemporary world, our second symposium will focus on the literary and philosophical analysis of myths, the role of myths in nation-building and the interaction between cultures through myths.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers: - Maria Vladimirovna Stanyukovich (Russian Academy of Science, Russia) - Niels Gaul (The University of Edinburgh, Scotland) - Jenny Butler (University College Cork, Ireland) - Kaliya Kulalieva (Kyrgyz-Turkish University Manas) - Tansu Açık (Ankara University, Turkey) - Nimet Yıldırım (Atatürk University, Turkey) - Halil Turan (Middle East Technical University, Turkey) - Mustafa Demirci (Selçuk University, Turkey)



LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Ardahan University (Ardahan, Turkey)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Mehmet Aydın; İbrahim Okan Akkın; Tonguç Seferoğlu; Erman Kaçar; Neşe Şenel; Fevzi Burhan Ayaz; Sümeyye Akça; Özlem Gürpınar.

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Although we are a small university located in Ardahan–the most north-eastern city of Turkey bordering Georgia, as ambitious and driven young academicians we desire to advance our university’s competence in the fields of arts and humanities. Thus, we attach utmost importance to organize a successful and eye-opening symposium and believe that every paper on Classical Studies would immensely contribute to achieving our academic and professional goals.

Submission Details: Abstracts may be in English or Turkish (max. 300 words excluding references) and must include a short biographical note with name and affiliation. Submissions should be submitted online to by March 1st, 2020.

There is a registration fee of 100 USD which includes 3-day accommodation (2-5 June), transfer from/to airport, two lunches (3 and 4 June) and coffee-breaks.

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