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Magic in Late Antiquity. Objects, Texts and Contexts - 01-02-03/03/2020, Jerusalem (Israel)

FECHA/DATE/DATA: 01-02-03/03/2020

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Mount Scopus, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Jerusalem, Israel)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Avigail Manekin-Bamberger; Gideon Bohak; Yakir Paz. Sponsored by The Azrieli Foundation

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SUNDAY – 1.3.2020 Mandel Building, Room 530 10:45 – Opening Session 1: 11:00 – 12:30 Esther Eidinow (University of Bristol) – Victim Mentality? Some Observations on the Psychology of Ancient Magic

Eleni Pachoumi (Hellenic Open University/Oxford University) - Magico-theurgic Prayers in Late Antique Magic

Gideon Bohak (Tel Aviv University) - Divination and Magic in Late Antique Judaism 12:30-13:30 – Lunch Session 2: 13:30-15:00 Siam Bhayro (University of Exeter) - Moses in the Aramaic Magic Bowls Yakir Paz (Hebrew University) - Eternal Chains and the Mountain of Darkness: The Fallen Angels in the Incantation Bowls

James Nathan Ford (Bar Ilan University) - The Havdala de-Rabbi Aqiva in the Light of the Magic Bowls Session 3: 15:30-17:00 Árpád M. Nagy (Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest) - "A Stumbling Block to Jews" but no "Folly to Gentiles" - Judaizing Amulet Gems from the Roman Imperial Period Rivka Elitzur-Leiman (Tel Aviv University) – "And Inscribe it on a Piece of Gold " - the Book of Mysteries in Context Guy Stiebel (Tel Aviv University): Arma Magica - Military Equipment and Ritual in Roman Judaea 17:30—19:00 Roundtable: Recent Trends in the Study of Ancient Magic Discussants: Gideon Bohak, Véronique Dasen, Esther Eidinow, Christopher A. Faraone Moderator: Avigail Manekin-Bamberger 19:00 – Reception at Mandel Building MONDAY – 2.3.2020 Beit Meirsdorf, Room 502 Session 4: 11:00 – 12:30 Juraj Franek (Masaryk University/Czech Academy of Sciences) - Bilingual Bronze Amulet from the Collection of Gustave Schlumberger

Ortal-Paz Saar (Utrecht University) - Funerary Protection: Jewish Curses against Grave Desecration

Nancy Benovitz (Israel Museum) - The Magic of the Shema (Deut. 6:4): An Upcoming Israel Museum Exhibition 12:30-13:30 – Lunch Session 5: 13:30-15:00

Matthew Morgenstern (Tel Aviv University) - Mandaic Magic Texts, Early and Late

Hatty Walker (University of Exeter) : BT Shab 115a and the Aramaic Magic Bowls: A Scribal Rationale for the Burial of Overturned Jewish Bowl Texts 15. Mark Geller (UCL) - Mind the Gap: Akkadian background to the Mandaic Phylactery of Rue (šapta d-šambra) Session 6: 15:30-16:30

Yuval Harari (Ben Gurion University) - Hanina the Exorcist: A Contribution to the Study of Folk Traditions in Antiquity

Alessia Bellusci (Yale University) - Early Roots of Hebrew Secreta Literature Session 7: 16:45-18:15

Vera Duerrschnabel (University of Bern): - Hebrew and Aramaic Adjuration Formulae within the Context of Mediterranean Magic Daniela Urbanová (Masaryk University)

- Strategies of Addressing Higher Powers from Greco-Roman Antiquity to the Latin Middle Ages

Robert Daniel (Universität zu Köln) - The Curse Tablets from the University of Pennsylvania 1994 Excavations at Promontory Palace in Caesarea TUESDAY - 3.3.2020 Mandel Building, Room 530 Session 8: 9:30 – 11:00

Shaul Shaked (Hebrew University) – 'Writtenness' in Magic Bowls

Dan Levene (University of Southampton) - The Writing of a Magical text as a Performative Act

Avigail Manekin-Bamberger (Hebrew University) – Scribal Variability in the Bowls: Rethinking the "Corpus" of the Jewish Magic Bowls Session 9: 11:30 – 13:00 Fritz Graf (Ohio State University) - Cursing against Cursing: A Clash of Categories

Véronique Dasen (University of Fribourg / ERC Locus Ludi) - Magical Games

Richard Gordon (Universität Erfurt) - Achieving Rhetorical ‘Weight’ in Incantation: The Example of Determinative Compound Words 13:00-14:00 – Lunch Session 10: 14:00 – 15:30 Theodore de Bruyn (University of Ottawa) - Locating Power in Christian Contexts in Late Antique Egypt: A Conversation between Amulets and Graffiti

Jacques van der Vliet (Leiden University) - Divine Bodies and Celestial Landscape in Late-Antique Egyptian Magic

Christopher Faraone (University of Chicago) - A Bronze Head of Augustus in Nubia, a Curse in a Galilean Synagogue and the Long-Afterlife of Pharaonic Trampling Magic

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