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Rewriting the Trojan war: Troy in Myth and Matter - 06/03/2020, London (England)

In whatever way we question the historicity of the Trojan stories, we cannot get around the fact that they have shaped significant and enduring social realities. Millennia of Western appropriations — largely sustained through scholarly frameworks until recently — have shaped a reality regarding the role of women, class and power, and Western colonial perspectives. In this, the first UCL seminar on Troy in Myth and Matter, we want to focus in particular on works of fiction that have set out to retell the stories of the Iliad and Troy, and discuss how we can engage with revisionist fiction in academia in relation to recent discussions on decolonisation, historical gender inequality, and #metoo.

FECHA/ DATE/DATA: 06/03/2020

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Room 106, Gordon House,University College London (London, England)






-Dr. Justine McConnell, Kings College London, Comparative Literature

-Gillian Cross, author of Iliad (retold by Gillian Cross)

-Neil Packer, Illustrator Iliad

-Dr. Eva Mol, University College London, Archaeology

Chaired by Phiroze Vasunia, University College London, Greek and Latin

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