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Matters of Magic between Archaeology, Anthropology, and History - 20-21-22/11/2020, Zalău (Romania)


In this interdisciplinary conference between archaeology, history, and anthropology we aim to investigate ‘matters of magic’, both in the sense of untangling the vagueness of the concept of magic and in the understanding of its materiality. Here, we use magic as an analytical concept rather than an empirical one and thus through magic we understand a whole range of religious and spiritual practices, ancient, old, and new. The use of the term magic aims at focusing on the materiality and practice of religious and spiritual beliefs and therefore is an attempt from the point of view of anthropology and history to learn from the very material focus of archaeology. At the same time, we wish to convey the social and historical embeddedness of such practices.

FECHA/ DATE/DATA: 20-21-22/11/2020

LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: History and Art Museum of Zalău (Romania)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Ágota Ábrán (PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology); Dan Deac (PhD in Ancient History)




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