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CALL. 31.03.2020: Parenti serpenti. You cannot choose your family. Difficult kinship between myth an


Parents vs. children (in tragedies such as the Libation Bearers, Antigone, Alcestis, but also in comedies like the Clouds and the Mercator), wives vs. husbands (Agamemnon, The Assembly of Women), siblings vs. siblings (Seven Against Thebes, Adelphoe)... Kinship in ancient Greek and Roman theatre is hardly ever an easy matter



LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Università di Siena (Siena, Italy)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Giorgia Giaccardi (Torino); Micol Muttini (Siena)

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Rather, its dramatization plays an essential role in captivating the author's and the spectators' attention, through gloomy moods and bloody, even grotesque, twists. Family bonds have often become the dramatic focus of some of the most famous tragic and comic plots. This conference - following the October 2018 workshop on mythical characters of lost tragedies organised by the Centro Antropologia e Mondo antico (AMA) of the University of Siena together with the Centro Studi sul Teatro Classico of the University of Torino - will be dedicated to young scholars whose work concentrates on the difficult relationships between family members from the world of myth as they are represented by tragic and comic poets, both in the Greek and Roman world. Fragmentary dramas and those known only through indirect tradition will also be considered, following a growing interest that research groups from the University of Turin have cultivated in the last years. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the Centro Antropologia e Mondo Antico, the workshop will welcome papers discussing and defining new perspectives of research in the broader fields of Anthropology, Textual Analysis and Philosophy, investigating historical, figurative, juridical and psychoanalytic approaches alike. We thus hope to promote an innovative debate between young scholars of the ancient world. SUBMISSION POLICIES This call for papers is open to PhD students and junior researchers who completed their PhD no longer than ten years ago. All the proposals must be original: contributes visibly readapted or already published will not be considered. All the submitted proposals will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee. INDICATIONS FOR SUBMISSION Proposals must be sent (before March 31, 2020) by email to specifying: • Object. The email object shall be: Submission Conference Siena 2020 • Attachments. The email shall feature the following documents (all in pdf. format) - The abstract (anonymous) of the proposal (max. 300 words). Accepted languages are Italian and English. - A short curriculum studiorum of the candidate, featuring academic affiliation, education titles and most relevant publications. Speeches shall be held in Italian or English. Each speech will last 20 minutes, following which there will be an open discussion. The Conference Proceedings will be published online. ORGANIZATION DETAILS All the speakers will be the welcomed guests of the Organizing Committee for dinner on the evening of June 4th, 2020 and they will be offered a suitable accommodation for the night. SCIENTIFIC DIRECTOR Simone Beta (Siena) SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE Luca Austa (Siena-Torino), Simone Beta (Siena), Tommaso Braccini (Siena), Francesco Carpanelli (Torino), Roberto Danese (Urbino), Manuela Giordano (Siena) ORGANIZING COMMITTEE Giorgia Giaccardi (Torino), Micol Muttini (Siena)

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