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CALL. 31.03.2020: Battle Magic. Supernatural Support for Physical Combat - Solingen (Germany)








LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Deutsches Klingenmuseum (Solingen, Germany)




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The "Deutsches Klingenmuseum" (Solingen) and the "Department of Comparative Religions" (University of Bonn) organise the International Conference "Battle Magic. Supernatural Support for Physical Combat".

Topics could include, but are in no way restricted to:

• Omens and timing: determination of the perfect time for battle by the observation of natural phenomena, astrology, or prophecies;

• Enhancement of the warrior: observation of specific taboos before combat, spells and body techniques to render the body invulnerable against the enemy’s weapons, or the improvement of the capacity to inflict damage;

• Enhancement of weapons and armour: observation of specific rituals in the making of weapons, their inscription with protective symbols, or their enchantment;

• Superhuman help: invocation of superhuman agents for support in combat, and offerings given to them after the fight.

Beyond such core topics, themes like the use of physical combat within larger, complex rituals, the representation of “battle magic” in (historic or modern) media, or other, related issues can be addressed. Even though the conference will be held as part of the event program for the Klingenmuseum’s current exhibition “Steel and Magic. Edged Weapons of the Malay Archipelago”, topics from all times, areas, and cultural backgrounds are welcome.

Please send your proposal of ca. 300 words, five keywords, and a short biographical note of ca. 100 words to Dr Sixt Wetzler, Deutsches Klingenmuseum Solingen, Deadline is 31 March 2020. Contributions must not be longer than 20 minutes, the conference language is English. – Speakers will be exempt from conference fees.


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