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CALL. 10.04.2020: Identity and Identification, 300 C.E.-1200 C.E. - Cardiff (Wales)




LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: University of Cardiff (Cardiff, Wales)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Ben Morris, Ciara Butler, Ewan Short (Cardiff) and Alice van den Bosch (Exeter).



Scholarship on the period between 300 C.E. and 1200 C.E. is dominated by a focus on changing identities. In some regions, the spread of Christianity, the end of the Western Roman Empire, the emergence of Islam and the diminishing of Byzantium changed how people saw themselves and the world they lived in. In others, the situation is less clear.

The first SWW Late Antique, Early Medieval and Byzantine Network workshop encourages interdisciplinary collaboration on identity in the period c. 300-1200 C.E.: where and how identities and identifications did and did not change, how scholars approach identity across disciplines, and where identity is a useful lens for approaching our period.

We hope to learn from thinking about these issues across disciplines and space, and welcome a broad interpretation of theme and geography from PGs, ECRs and MA-gap students living and working in Wales and the South and West of England. The day will include a workshop led by Ciara Butler focusing on identity in conversion period Britain from an archaeological perspective, followed by a series of papers on identity in this period.

We welcome topics from across literary, historical, art-historical, archaeological and theological sources. Potential examples include:

· Excavating identity and problems with and approaches to identity and material culture

· The historiography of identity and identities

· Representations of identity or identification

· Identities or identifications in conflict

· Reading identity into sources

· Climate, landscape and the interaction between environment and identity

· Language and identity

· Identity and space (racialized, gendered, etc)

·Political, dynastic and religious identities

· Problems with identifying groups in the past, and the effect this can have on the present

Our keynote will be provided by Dr. Victoria Leonard (RHUL): Title to be confirmed.

Applicants should send a c. 200-word abstract, 3-5 keywords and their institution and year of study (if relevant) by 10th April 2020 to

Cardiff’s History Department has kindly offered to fund two travel bursaries up to £50. Intended speakers will have priority. Bursary applicants should state this in their application and non-speakers seeking a bursary should apply by the deadline.

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