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Workshop "Rural Communities in Ancient Greece" - 30/10/2020, Birmingham (England)




This workshop is intended as a starting point, by bringing scholars together who work within this emerging discipline who utilise historical, literary, and archaeological sources to reconstruct the lives of non-elite groups and rural communities from the Bronze Age through to Late Antiquity in the Greek Aegean. This is very much considered as the first stage in a much larger conversation, and by the end of the workshop, we will have moved closer to defining a new sub-discipline in academia, and set-out the agenda for a research network on this topic.

FECHA /DATE/DATA: 30/10/2020


LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: University of Birmingham (Birmingham, England)


ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Dr Maeve McHugh (University of Birmingham)









•       9:00-9:30: Opening remarks – tea and coffee

•       Session 1, 9:30-11:30: Is it possible to define Greek rural communities?

Chair: Dr Sarah Murray (University of Toronto)

1.      Dr Dan Stewart (University of Leicester): “Finding Time for Greek Rural Communities”

2.      Dr Andrew Bayliss (University of Birmingham): “Rethinking rural communities in Classical Lakonia and Messenia.”

3.      Dr Jane Rempel (University of Sheffield): “Connecting communities? Rural settlement and land-use as facilitators of (or barriers to) interaction.”

Tea and coffee break

•       Session 2, 12:00-13:30: Should we, and can we, discern between elites and non-elites in Greek rural communities?

Chair: Dr Chrysanthi Gallou (University of Nottingham)

1.      Dr Sarah Murray (University of Toronto): “Assessing Social and Economic Hierarchies in Rural Communities: Evidence, Methods, and Models”

2.      Anna Lagia (University Freiberg): “Can bioarchaeology help appreciate differences between urban and rural lifeways? Examples from the Athenian asty and the region of Laurion”


•       Session 3, 14:00-15:30: Benchmarking the discipline of Greek rural communities studies.

Chair: Dr Andrew Bayliss (University of Birmingham)

1.      Prof. Hamish Forbes (University of Nottingham): “Rurality from the ground up: what can ethnography tell us about ancient Greek agriculture?”

2.      Prof. Lin Foxhall (University of Liverpool): “Finding non-elites? Interpreting status in ancient Greek countrysides.”

Tea and coffee break

•       Session 4, 16:00-17:00: Roundtable discussion: setting up the research network

Chair: Dr Maeve McHugh (University of Birmingham)



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