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CALL. 01.06.2020: [Panel 4] Exchange: media, movement, meaning (2021 AIA/SCS) - Chicago (Il, USA)




LUGAR/LOCATION/LUOGO: Hilton Chicago (Chicago, IL, USA)

ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Vanessa Rousseau ; Shana O'Connell ; Elizabeth Molacek : Sarah Lepinski ; Nicole Berlin; Ancient Painting and Decorative Media Interest Group

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For the 2021 AIA, the newly re-branded Ancient Painting and Decorative Media Interest Group seeks papers for workshops devoted to the topic of ancient artistic exchange, interchange, and intersections. At a moment when our world is hyper-focused on how people, things, and ideas move between geographies, media, and spaces, we turn to the ancient world to understand instances of visual, technical, and material exchange, both intentional and unintentional, as manifest in ancient surface decoration. What mechanisms propelled the transfer and transmission of artistic concepts, themes, motifs, and decorative schema in ancient painting, mosaic, stucco, and other surface media? How was meaning conveyed, maintained, and/or transformed by cross media exchange, and with diverse (or new) physical, functional, and cultural contexts? How does meaning change (if at all) when ancient objects move, either in antiquity or into museum contexts?

We encourage submissions from archaeologists, art historians, conservators, material scientists, educators, researchers, archivists, and others whose work engages with the subject of exchange, and are particularly interested in interdisciplinary research.

To further promote exchange of ideas, the group hopes to field two workshops in different formats: the first consisting of presentations (15 minutes at most) of more advanced research projects, and the second that offers presenters the opportunity to “workshop” new ideas and research questions with a 10 minute presentation limit and space for audience interaction.

We welcome statements of interest, including a brief description of research (approx. 200 words). Please indicate if you are interested in presenting a short paper, or research in progress and the estimated length of presentation.

Please email your description, a short CV, and preferences to the by 1 June. Participants will be contacted by July 1.

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