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Cultural Exchanges in Ancient Egypt - 10-11/06/2020, (Online)

Egypt played a central part in the ancient world, yet research and university courses have traditionally focused on Greece and Rome. This first-ever international meeting on ancient Egypt at Kent will mark the launch of a new interdisciplinary research cluster on Egyptian civilisation and will contribute significantly to enhancing research and teaching relating to ancient Egypt at the University of Kent.

FECHA /DATE/DATA: 10-11/06/2020


ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Dr Csaba La’da; Dr Ada Nifosi; Dr Matthijs Wibier.

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Day 1 10.15-10.30 Welcome remarks from the organisers

Session 1: Cultural Exchanges in Pharaonic Egypt Chair: Dr Csaba La’da 10.30-11.00 Professor Stephen Quirke UCL Institute of Archaeology 'Substance beyond visible, tangible, audible: assessing cultural exchanges in Middle Kingdom Lahun within a longer term history of Egypt' 11.00-11.30 Prof. Dr. Joachim Friedrich Quack Heidelberg University 'Near Eastern deities in Egyptian magical texts of the New kingdom' Break 11.30-12.00

Session 2: Cultural Exchanges in Hellenistic Egypt Chair: Dr Matthijs Wibier 12.00-12.30 Dr Csaba La’da University of Kent ‘Alphebetisation: Independent Indigenous Invention or Travelling Idea? (With special focus on alphabetisation in Greek)' 12.30-13.00 Dr Stéphanie Wackenier Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne 'How do you boost your career? Learn Greek! A new exercise of the Greek alphabet on papyrus (Arsinoites, 3rd century BC)'

Break 13.00-14.00

Session 3: Cultural Exchanges from the Hellenistic to the Roman period Chairs: Dr Ada Nifosi and Csaba La'da 14.00-14.30 Dr April Pudsey Manchester Metropolitan University ‘Children's cultural interactions in Greco-Roman Egypt: play, religion and travel’ 14.30-15.00 Dr Ada Nifosi University of Kent ‘The Throw of Baubo: a multicultural gaming piece from Greco-Roman Egypt’ Break 15.00-15.30 Session 3 continues - Chair: Dr Ada Nifosi 15.30-16.00 Dr Katalin Kóthay Szépművészeti Múzeum (Museum of Fine Arts), Budapest 'On the cross-cultural context of Ptolemaic and Roman funerary iconography' 16.00-16.30 Dr Mohamed Kenawi School of Archaeology Oxford ‘Archaeology of the Western Nile Delta: From Soil to Libraries and Museums’ Final questions and end of the public webinar 16.45-17.30 Round table (speakers only) Day 2 Session 4: Cultural Exchanges in Roman Egypt Chair: Dr Csaba La’da 10.30-11.00: Professor John Tait UCL Institute of Archaeology 'Literary forms and themes: cultural exchange in Egypt of the Roman Period' 11.00-11.30 Dr Jo Stoner University of Kent 'Red thread in personal adornment in Roman and late antique Egypt: evidence from the UCL Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology' Break 11.30-12.00 Session 5: Cultural exchanges in Late Antique Egypt Chairs: Dr Matthijs Wibier and Dr Ada Nifosi 12.00-12.30 Prof. Dr. Bernhard Palme University of Vienna 'A Deed of Surety and Civil War in Egypt: The Struggle between Phocas and Heraclius'

12.30-13.00 Dr Matthijs Wibier University of Kent ‘Title tbc’ Break 13.00-14.00 Session 5 continues Chair: Dr Matthijs Wibier 14.00-14.30 Prof. Ellen Swift University of Kent ‘Cultural Connections in Late Antiquity: evidence from dress-related artefacts’

14.30-15.00 Dr Jennifer Cromwell Manchester Metropolitan University 'Coptic Documentary Practices After the Arab Conquest' End of the public webinar 15.15-15.45: Final remarks (speakers only)

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