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CALL. 03.06.2020: SEMINAR.Myth and Politics from Antiquity to the Present Time - (Online)



FECHA CONGRESO/CONGRESS DATE/DATA CONGRESSO: 08-15-22-29/06, 06-13-20-27/07, 03-10-17-24-31/08/2020


ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Thomas Alexander Husoy (Swansea University); Dr. Maria Pretzler (Swansea University)



Papers of c. 40 minutes’ length are invited on all aspects of the relationship between ancient myth and politics from antiquity to the present time. Papers on the reception of ancient myth and their impact on debates in modern society are welcome as well as contributions dealing with the role of myth in the context of politics in the ancient world (widely defined).

This seminar series will take place every Monday at 5pm UK time, from the 8th of June until the end of August. We have lined up the first few speakers and are looking to fill the rest of the summer. Abstracts from people at all areas of classical and ancient-world related scholarship are welcome: postgraduate researchers, early career researchers, independent scholars, and established academics.

The sessions will be held through Zoom and might be recorded if the speaker consents to this.

Please find below a list over confirmed speakers and dates – further papers will be added once we have confirmed more speakers.

Please forward your abstracts to

Confirmed speakers

- 8th of June. Ryan Denson (University of Exeter): I shall Sink Your Ship and Make you Food for the Fish; The Ancient Fear of Being Devoured by the Sea.

- 22nd of June. Olivia Kinsman (University of Bristol): Feminist Myth-Busting: When Ancient Characters Become Feminist Icons.

- 29th of June. Thomas Alexander Husøy (Swansea University): Asopos, Trophonius, and Pan; Local Identities, Deities and Genealogies.

- 6th of July. Helen Lovatt (University of Nottingham): W.E.B Du Bois’s Quest of the Silver Fleece; Argonautica as politics and politics in the Argonautica.

- 13th of July. Maria Pretzler (Swansea University): Why Can’t Peloponnesians all be Dorians? The Trouble with Uniting a Region with a Complex Mythical Past.

- 20th of July.Ryan Stickler (Australian National University): Byzantine Heroes and Monsters: Greek Mythology in the Court of Heraclius (r. 610-641). (lunchtime due to time zones).

- 27th of July. Stephen Harrison (Swansea University): Dynastic Mythology and Legitimacy in the Achaemenid and Seleucid Empires.

- 3rd of August. Melissa Beattie (Independent Scholar): What Have the Romans Ever Done for Us?! Use and Representation of Romanites by Contemporary British Media and Culture.

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