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SEMINAR. Myth and Politics from Antiquity to the Present Time - 08-15-22-29/06, 06-13-20-27/07, 03-1


Summer Seminar series hosted at the Department of Classics,Ancient History & Egyptology at Swansea University.

FECHA/ DATE/DATA: 08-15-22-29/06, 06-13-20-27/07, 03-10-17-24-31/08/2020


ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Thomas Alexander Husoy (Swansea University); Dr. Maria Pretzler (Swansea University)

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8th June. Ryan Denson (University of Exeter) ‘I shall Sink Your Ship and Make you Food for the Fish; The Ancient Fear of Being Devoured by the Sea.’ 15th June. Andrej Mozhajsky (Moscow State Pedagogical University) ‘The Myth of the War of the Seven and the Political Topography of Pausanias.’ 22nd June. Olivia Kinsman (University of Bristol) ‘Feminist Myth-Busting: When Ancient Characters Become Feminist Icons.’ 29th June. Thomas Alexander Husøy (Swansea University) ‘Asopus, Trophonius, and Pan; Local Identities, Deities and Genealogies.’ 6th July. Helen Lovatt (University of Nottingham) ‘W. E. B. Du Bois’s Quest of the Silver Fleece; Argonautica as Politics and Politics in the Argonautica.’ 13th July. Maria Pretzler (Swansea University) ‘Why Can’t Peloponnesians all be Dorians? The Trouble with Uniting a Region with a Complex Mythical Past.’ 20th July. Ryan Strickler (Australian National University) ‘Byzantine Heroes and Monsters: Greek Mythology in the Court of Heraclius (r. 610-641).’ (lunchtime due to time zones). 27th July. Stephen Harrison (Swansea University) ‘Dynastic Mythology and Legitimacy in the Achaemenid and Seleucid Empires.’ 3rd August Melissa Beattie (Independent Scholar) ‘What Have the Romans Ever Done for Us?! Use and Representation of Romanites by Contemporary British Media and Culture.’ 10th August Kalypso Nicolaïdis (University of Oxford) ‘Making Myths Matter: How ancient mythology can help us navigate today’s politics.’ 17th August. Goran Đurđević (Capital Normal University, Beijing) ‘Myth from Your Hand: Myths, Reflections and Mirrors in the Roman Empire and Qin-Han China.’ 24th August. Signe Barfoed (University of Oslo/Reading) ‘Myth and Identity Creation in Kalydon, Aitolia; Boar-hunts, Warrior Ethos, and the Origin of the Pan-Regional Sanctuary of Artemis Laphria.’ 31st August. Diego Piay Augusto (University of Oviedo) and Patricia Argüelles Álvarez (University of Salamanca) ‘Rethinking the Hero: Mythification of the Power of the Possessors of the Hispanic Villae through the representation of Hercules.’ 7th September. Borja Antela-Bernárdez (Autonomous University of Barcelona) ‘Argead Beastmasters: Animals, Myth, and Royalty.’

14th September

Zahra Kouzehgari (University of Lyon) Concept of Shepherd Kings in the Political Aspect of the Ancient Near East: An Archaeological Perspective.

21st September

Syrithe Pugh (University of Aberdeen) Mortal Gods: Divine Kingship and the Reception of Euhemerus from Boccaccio to Milton.

28th September

Marika Strano (Independent Scholar) James Joyce’s Leopold Bloom and the Affirmation in his Opposite Homer’s Odysseus: When Myth Become a Symbol of Democracy and Tolerance.

5th October Ronald Blankenborg (Radboud University Nijmegen) Politics a myth? How Protagoras’ construct shipwrecks on Covid-19.

12th October

Hamish Williams (Friedrich Schiller University of Jena) Post-Imperial British Reimaginings of a Minoan Utopia: Robert Graves, Mary Renault, and Lawrence Durrell.

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