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Recent Developments in Digital Assyriology - 26-27/08/2020, Zoom (Online)

The “Recent Developments in Digital Assyriology” workshop is organized by Prof. Saana Svärd and Team 1 at the Centre of Excellence in Ancient Near Eastern Empires (ANEE) at the University of Helsinki. The focus of the workshop is particularly on text-based studies. General themes addressed in the presentations include producing electronic text data, annotating texts, visualizing textual information, and using the text data.

FECHA / DATE/DATA: 26-27/08/2020



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Fecha límite / Deadline / Scadenza: 19/08/2020


26th August

15.45-16.00 Signing in to Zoom

16.00-16.10 Saana Svärd: “Opening remarks”

16.10-16.40 Keynote by Niek Veldhuis: “Changing the Business of Assyriology: Data and Data Analysis”

Session 1: Creating and enriching text data

16.40-17.00 Jamie Novotny: “Recent Work on State Archives of Assyria online: Making the Invisible Visible”

17.00-17.20 Aleksi Sahala: “BabyFST - A Finite-State Morphological Analyser for Akkadian”

17.20-17.40 Louise Quillien & Bruno Gombert: “Open access edition of late Babylonian texts on report and perspectives”

17.40-17.55 BREAK

17.55-18.15 Aino Hätinen: “The Electronic Babylonian Literature Project: the first two years”

18.15-18.35 Mikko Luukko: "Treebanking Assyrian Royal Inscriptions"

18.35-18.55 Jakob Andersson, Seraina Nett, & Rune Rattenborg: “The Big Picture: Large-Scale Trends in the Distribution and Composition of the Cuneiform Corpus”

18.55-19.15 Émilie Page-Perron: "Open science at the CDLI: focus on collaboration and accessibility".

27th August

Session 2: Prosopographical work

15.45-16.00 Signing in to Zoom

16.00-16.20 Caroline Waerzeggers: "Prosobab: Online Prosopography of Babylonia (620-330 BCE)"

16.20-16.40 Heidi Jauhiainen & Tero Alstola: ”Neo-Assyrian Social Networks: Work in Progress”

16.40-17.00 Heather D. Baker: “PNAo: Towards a Digital Prosopography of the Neo-Assyrian Empire”

17.00-17.20 Adam Anderson & Laurie Pearce: “mārē BPS: the offspring of a prosopography project”

17.20-17.40 BREAK

Session 3: Using Text Data, Publishing and Digital Assyriology

17.40-18.00 Saana Svärd: “Meaning in Networks of Words? ‘Fear’ as a case study”

18.00-18.20 Heather D. Baker: “MTAAC: Machine Translation and Automated Analysis of Cuneiform Languages”

18.20-18.40 Alessandro Di Ludovico and Vanessa Bigot-Juloux: “The State of Publication of Ancient Near Eastern Researches using Digital and Computational Approaches”

18.40-19.00 Adam Anderson: “AI and Assyriology: Deep-Learning Ontologies for Bibliometrics in Near Eastern Studies”

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