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Body and Medicine in Latin Poetry - 17-18/09/2020, Zoom (Online)

A two-day online conference focusing on the interactions between medicine, human body and Latin poetry.

FECHA / DATE/DATA: 17-18/09/2020


ORGANIZADOR/ORGANIZER/ORGANIZZATORE: Chiara Blanco (Trinity College, University of Oxford); Allegra Hahn (Durham University); Simona Martorana (Durham University).

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Inscripción online / Registration online / Registrazione online

Fecha límite / deadline / scadenza: 31/08/2020


Thursday 17 September (Zoom)

11.00-11.15: Welcome and Opening Remarks

Session 1. Chair: David Langslow (University of Manchester) 11.15-12.00: Chiara Thumiger (University of Kiel): ‘Painful Knowledge: Suffering and the Inside of Man in Some Examples from Latin Poetry’

12.00-12.45: George Kazantzidis (University of Patras): ‘The “Medical Body” in Lucretius: A Few Thoughts on the Use and Abuse of “Medical Discourse” in Latin Poetry’

12.45-13.45: Lunch Break

13.45-14.30: Allegra Hahn (Durham University): ‘Concretizing the Abstract: Medical Imagery in Horace’s Poetry’

14.30-14.45: Coffee Break

Session 2. Chair: Katharine Earnshaw (University of Exeter)

14.45-15.30: James Uden (Boston University): ‘Suffering and the Roman Body in the Aeneid’

15.30-16.15: Ioannis Ziogas (Durham University): ‘The Anatomy of Pleasure in Ovid’s Art of Love’

16.15-16.30: Coffee Break

16.30-17.15: Hunter Gardner (University of South Carolina): ‘The Aetiology of Illness in Latin Love Elegy’

Friday 18 September (Zoom)

Session 1. Chair: Sophia Connell (Birkbeck College, University of London)

11.00-11.45: Chiara Blanco (Trinity College, Oxford): ‘Flesh and Stone: Skin and Touch in Ovid’s Pygmalion’

11.45-12.30: Simona Martorana (Durham University): ‘The Body and the City: Disease, Fury and Self-mutilation in Seneca’s Oedipus’

12.30-13.30: Lunch Break

Session 2. Chair: Courtney Ann Roby (Cornell University)

13.30-14.15: Thorsten Fögen (Durham University): ‘Medical Discourse in Martial and Related Texts’

14.15-15.00: Judith Hallett (University of Maryland) and Donald Lateiner (Ohio Wesleyan University): ‘Connotation and “Com-motion”: Putting the Kinesis into the Cinaedus’

15.00-15.15: Coffee Break

15.15-16.00: Laurence Totelin (Cardiff University): ‘Carmen Salutiferum: Quintus Serenus and his Health-giving Liber Medicinalis’

Session 3. Chair: Serafina Cuomo (Durham University)

16.00-16.45: Julia Nelson Hawkins (Ohio State University): ‘Medical Humanities and Latin Poetry in the time of Covid’

16.45-17.00: Final Discussion and Closing Remarks

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